I Tried The Korean Skincare Routine For 2 Weeks | Skin Concerns: Blackheads, Hormonal Acne

Ah! Scary. “I Tried The Korean Skincare Routine For 2 Weeks” Hi everybody, my name is Kelly Rudnitski, I’m 27-years-old I am Caucasian and I currently work in Human Resources consulting. I started on this skincare journey because I’ve heard a lot of great things about Korean skincare, and I wanted to see if it would work for me. And you just scoop a little bit out and then apply it directly on to your skin. I’m excited. I’m very excited for this, actually. Ah! I’m so excited, I’m such a dork. I would describe my skin type definitely as combination I tend to be really dry in some areas and then I get oily in others. It smells like Okay, it smells kind of like Kool Aid or like juice.

But there’s wine in this? There’s wine extract, yes. Okay. My biggest skin insecurity would have to be that I generally get breakouts about once a month and I’ll get breakouts all along my jaw line and it doesn’t look very good. So this product is really great for treating that hormonal acne that you said you had, because along the jaw line that’s usually where they come up every once a month so open it up This is really cool there’s nothing like this My expectations for this skincare journey are really to be able to implement a multi-step skincare routine and I want to see if doing that will clear up a lot of the skin issues that I’ve been having for years now and help me to really progress on some of those skin insecurities that I touched on before.

Hi Guys! It’s Kelly. So today is officially Day 1 of my k-beauty skincare journey These are the products I will be using today. And now I’m going to double cleanse with the Neogen Foaming Cleanser. An initial reaction, the double cleanse does make me feel like I really have all of the makeup off my face And now I’m going to go in with the essence Lastly, I’m going to go in with the Missha Snail Cream. Oh my gosh, this product smells amazing This is really living up to the hype of the snail cream The snail cream hype. So today is Day 4 of my k-beauty skincare journey The number one thing that I’ve noticed is before, I’ve been using my whole life these products that feel really heavy on your skin So the very first thing that I would say is that they are lightweight, and that’s the biggest difference.

So this is actually the time of month where I breakout every month. I’m trying the Acne Pimple Master Patch and I’ve put it onto the active breakout I feel like I could almost wear that to work and no one would notice. So I really like that, and I’m excited to see how I feel about this particular product. Hi guys! So I just wanted to vlog about the Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack So what I will say- instant reaction, this is the number one classiest way to get rid of your blackheads I could think of. And I think it did a really great job as far as getting rid of my blackheads. Hey guys! What’s up So today is Day 8 I absolutely have been really loving the way that my skin is adapting the products My skin’s really sensitive and I figured that I would have a huge transition period, where my skin freaked out I was actually nervous to do the 14 days because I figured I wouldn’t have such great reviews on all these new products but it takes the products really well, it doesn’t seem to have a huge issue or react to any of the products that I’ve used in a negative way.

Today, my skin feels much more balanced. The very first time that I tried the routine I did feel a little bit confused, a little bit overwhelmed but after doing it a few times, it was like no problem. Over the two weeks that I’ve been using the products not only does my skin feel a lot more moisturized, a lot more balanced, like I said, but I’ve actually noticed that my pores have gotten smaller and smaller and smaller just over the two weeks that I’ve been using it. I think my favorite product would be the Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil. and I’ve realized that using this is really hydrating and I have super dry skin I also like my skin without makeup a lot more Now that I’ve undergone two full weeks with using these products, I can definitely tell a huge difference in my skin without makeup It looks so much more balanced and even recording or vlogging clips without makeup I felt a lot more self-confident.

I’ve learned a lot about Korean skin care over the past two weeks I don’t think I realized how dry my skin was and how much I need products that are going to provide moisture to my skin. So now that the two-week journey’s over, I definitely think that I’m going to continue this routine. The only thing that I would do is potentially add even more steps into my beauty routine So definitely going to use these in the future, yep. Okay, recording. Hashtag WOKE! .

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