My Clean Skincare Routine *finally clear skin*

– Hey guys. Pretty much the only question I’m getting right now is about my skin care routine. I thought I would do today’s video to tell you a little bit about my skin, and what I’ve had to do, and what I’ve had to change, and basically everything that I’ve had to do in the past couple months. Because it has been so crazy, and just a long, just a long, long process to get where my skin is today. (upbeat music) I guess I should just start at the very, very beginning. I’ll kind of talk through everything that happened, and then I will show you guys my actual skin care routine. I think my family in general has pretty good skin.

All of us have always had pretty clear skin, we haven’t had like major acne or anything like that. Of course teenagers get acne, it’s pretty normal. So my mom, like right around you start getting acne, she’d take us into the dermatologist just to kind of get ahead of it. So it worked super well for me, they had me on a low dosage of something called tretinoin, it’s just like a face cream kind of thing. So I just did like spot treatment on any acne that I would get.

It worked super well, and then just like, I hit a point, I think it was, I wanna say Sophomore year, so like a year ago, year and a half ago where it just stopped working. So I went back into the dermatologist, they adjusted a little bit of what I was using and it just was not working. That’s all that I can say is it was just a mess.


But, it was so confusing because it was also like my skin was just reacting to things, that’s kind of how I can describe it. And I’ve had that for a really long time, it sounds horrible but I haven’t been able to use sunscreen in a really long time because even just the spray kind on my arms or on my legs, it’ll burn my skin. And I don’t know how else to describe it other than that but it literally, not like a sunburn, like it’ll turn red and it feels like it’s on fire. That’s like the best way I can describe how sunscreen makes my skin react. So within the past couple months, I think it was right around June or July and my face just, it was so bad, I was breaking out everywhere and my skin just felt horrible all the time.

It was just not good. So I finally was like, okay maybe it’s ’cause I, I don’t even wear makeup but I was like maybe it’s makeup that I’m wearing. So I stopped wearing makeup completely, which is great ’cause I don’t like wearing makeup in general. But it was so hard because I was out in L.A. filming, and I was doing all these other things where I had to wear all this makeup. So every day, they would just put makeup on me, by the end of it literally the makeup artists were like “Your skin is rejecting the makeup.” They were like, “We will put it on and within an hour “it will be peeling off your, not peeling, but it will be falling off your face.” That was how bad. My skin was literally rejecting makeup. I talked to a few people that I know who are makeup artists, and people like that.


They were like, okay. Well, sometimes it happens that you’re allergic to different things, you’re really sensitive to different products. That can make your face react. But really, the only way to figure that out is to either go get allergy tested, or to just test products until you find which ones work. Before all of this, my basic face routine was, I would just wash my face at night. I would use Cetaphil, just face cleanser. It’s really gentle. I’d use that cleanser and then I would put on the acne treatment that I had, which is just spot treatment. Then, I would use a Cetaphil moisturizer as kind of a moisturizer. That’s all I would do. Obviously it wasn’t working very well. That totally works for some people though. That’s the thing that’s so hard with skin care.

One thing can work for somebody, and it can not work for somebody else. So, I just started testing products for weeks on end. It was horrible. It was the worst experience ever because basically, I had to use stuff that I knew my skin would react to. All night long it felt super tight. I tried Cetaphil, Serave. Both of those are supposed to be the most basic and gentle and clean moisturizers and cleaners that you can get. Dermatologists recommend them all the time.

It did not work for me, neither of those worked. Later, my mom was finally like, “okay, we’re going and we’re taking you into Sephora “and we’re getting you the most basic, clean” ’cause Sephora has a line, or they have a thing that they do, where it has to be a certain percentage of clean ingredients that these makeup companies will use, before they will put their stamp on it, that’s like Sephora clean or something. So, we went to Sephora, and we got just like all clean products. The guy I was talking to at Sephora, he was like “Okay, what you’re describing “it sounds like you have a really thin lipid layer.” I don’t know what that means to be honest. No clue, but apparently that just means that I’m super sensitive slash allergic to a lot of things. He had me try some different products, and I’ve been using them.


Literally, that night that I used them, it was crazy. I was like, my face doesn’t burn. It feels good. I used moisturizer, I was like, my face feels so soft. Is this what it’s supposed to feel like? ‘Cause just for so long, I had been washing my face and it just felt like it was on fire after. I wanna say I bought all this stuff around my birthday. So, I’ve been using all this stuff since January. So, I’m about two months in. It’s just dramatic difference. Within two weeks, people were like, your skin looks so good. Honestly, it’s been such a long journey. Honestly, I don’t even really know what I was exactly reacting to. I don’t know if I was allergic to something. Some people were saying people can be allergic to different dyes, like this red dye that’s in a lot of makeup products.

But, I did find products that worked for me. I’m never pretty much gonna use anything outside of that. Just ’cause I don’t wanna throw my skin off. So, I’ll show you some of the products that I use now, that work for me. Then, I’ll kind of walk you through my routine. So the first product that I switched was my face cleanser. So, I’m now using this thing called, well the brand is called Naturally Serious. What’s different about this particular face cleanser, other than other ones, ’cause there’s a few that were like clean, and all that stuff that he pointed out.

He said this one would be best because it actually holds moisture, like some moisturizing face cleanser, which is different than most of them. But, there was another one that had honey, which he said might work for my skin because it cleanses naturally. It’s really interesting when you read into a lot of these different skin care stuff. You don’t realize that there’s a lot of natural products that work better than some of the more manufactured, I don’t know a better word to say than manufactured. I do recommend, if you are having face issues, try to switch to clean products, or just go in and test a few different things. But, they do have a really good return policy. You can buy something like this, and if you take it and react to it, or you don’t like it, I do believe you can go back and return it.


So, this is the face cleanser I’m using. I’ve been super, super, super happy with it. All right, then the next thing that I do use, this is just my prescription from a dermatologist. But, in case y’all were wondering, I don’t think you can buy this anywhere because it is just a dermatologist prescription, but this is my tretinoin cream. This is the weirdest, it looks like it’s just really dirty, but that’s just the bottle. It’s just really wrinkled. But, it is tretinoin and I am using a really low dosage still, it’s 0.5%. And I just use it as a spot treatment.

A lot of times acne medication that your dermatologist will prescribe you, it can make your skin really dry. That can actually, let’s say I took this and put it all over my face, that could actually produce more acne because again, I’m taking away those oils and making my skin really dry. That actually creates more skin problems. So really, I just spot treatment this. I just literally, boop. And that’s it. So, I really am really careful with how much I use. My moisturizer. This has been one that has taken me so, so, so, so long to find. Moisturizer, it was killing me that I couldn’t just, my face was constantly dry.

That just drove me crazy. It was literally the first night that I used this, I sat down, I was like, my face feels so soft. I’ve been super happy with this. This is called Pink Cloud. It is a little bit pricey, but again, if you’re someone like me who has major skin issues, and it’s worth it 1000%. It has made such a big difference in my skin. Actually, it’s lasted me a pretty long time.

You only need a little tiny. I guess, the product is called Pink Cloud. The actual brand is called Herbivore. They have really clean products. They have a whole bunch of ’em if you want to check ’em out. This is made from rosewater, and that makes it so it’s super moisturizing. Literally, all I have to take is that much, and it will literally go all the way.


So, it really does last a long time. This looks like a really small bottle for moisturizer, but I promise you, so, so good. I’ve been so happy with both of those products. No regrets on switching. I did wanna find a really good primer ’cause I thought that might protect my skin from a lot of the products that I might have to use that might not be clean or good for my skin. So, I did find this primer that is from the brand Milk. Again, it’s a cleaner brand. They have a whole bunch of stuff. But, I’ve been really, really happy with this. Again, it’s just feels super moisturizing and I think that’s the big thing for me, is I have really dry skin. So I try to find things that would bring moisture in as well as the product that I was using. So, this primer has worked really well. I don’t use it a ton, ’cause I don’t feel like I need to prime my face if I’m not gonna put makeup on it. But if I am going to wear a bunch of makeup, I do use this, and haven’t had any issues with it.

All right, the next problem was foundation. Most of the ones that I was using were super heavy. Even if I wasn’t wearing a bunch, it just felt, it was clogging my face. That’s the best way I can, I’ve said that a lot. But, that’s the best way I can describe it. It’s really hard to describe what I was feeling. But really, I just felt like there was so much on my face when I was wearing makeup. It just felt heavy. So, I wanted something light. So, they pointed out this brand, I’m not sure how to say it, Kosas maybe? But, it’s a liquid foundation. It’s really interesting. It’s literally just like liquid. That’s pretty much it. But, even when you blend it in, it really soaks into my skin. That’s something that I wanted as well. I don’t like makeup that doesn’t look natural.

So if I am going to wanna wear something, I want something that almost soaked into my skin, so it looked like I wasn’t wearing anything. That’s pretty much what this has done for me. I’ve been happy with it as well. I don’t use concealer. Then of course, my mascara. I use Lash Next Door, which is the twins brand, Brooklyn and Bailey. Works really well. Honestly, I’m not even kidding you, most days this is all I use, is mascara. I’ll wake up and I’m like, I’ve got five minutes, so I’m just gonna run out the door. So, most of the time I just use mascara, and that’s all that I use. This is based in beeswax, which is really interesting for a mascara. It’s not waterproof, but it’s water resistant. I like when I’m taking it off. I can even just do it in the shower. You know when you use mascara and you’re wiping it off in the shower, or even when you’re washing your face or something, and you get out of the shower and you’ve just got major raccoon eyes? This mascara doesn’t do that, which is something I really appreciated because I don’t like coming out of the shower, seeing mascara all over my face.

It actually rolls off into kind of little wax balls. Most the time, I feel like you even need water. Or, you don’t need to wash your face, you can just get your hands and roll it off and it’ll roll off. Something I really like about that mascara. Highly recommend, I recommend all of these products. But again, different things work for different people. Then, the last thing that I have been using was just a setting powder, slash, just because, especially when I’m on camera, even right now, there’s a lot of light coming in. So if my skin looks oily, it’s just because I don’t have any powder on right now. I’m just reflecting the light. But I wanted something, again, that was super light, wasn’t gonna be heavy, wasn’t gonna clog my pores, make my skin dry. So, I am using Seal The Deal by Lawless. Honestly, I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know how to get it with a brush very well. It kind of goes everywhere. I think that’s just user error, because I don’t really know how to use makeup.

But, I have been happy with this as well. None of these products that I’ve been using I have reacted to at all. You can see my face now. I mean, of course, everyone’s gonna have little blemishes. Overall, you see I got something there. (upbeat music) All right, so I just got out of the shower. Obviously, my hair is wet. If I am showering, then I will do all my face stuff after I get out of the shower. I skip taking my makeup off. Again, I don’t really wear makeup. So on days like today, all I had on was mascara. So I just rubbed it off in the shower. The first thing I will do is I will wash my face with my face wash. I’m gonna use warm water. I actually was thinking about it, I was like, I don’t know when somebody told me to use warm water, but they did.

It’s not on the back of this. I don’t know if that’s what you’re supposed to do, but it’s what I do. (water running) So first I’m gonna put my hair back. So I’m gonna rinse my face, and then I just add a little tiny bit of my face wash. Honestly, I don’t use that much. I use a little tiny dime sized. I just wash my face. I do it in little tiny circles, kind of like this. That’s what it does say on the back of the package. Little tiny circles. That’s just what I do for about a minute. (upbeat music) All right, and then after I have it all over my face, I rinse it off again with warm water.

Then, I just pat dry with a little towel that I have. And then I’ll wait a minute, because my face still feels wet. I don’t wanna put my moisturizer and stuff on when my face is wet, so I’ll just kind of let my face air dry for a second. This is usually when I brush my teeth. Again, just so I can say this, this is just my routine. Everyone’s face routine is different depending on your skin. Everyone’s skin is different. So obviously, what works for me is probably not gonna work for you, although switching to clean ingredient, clean products, might help your skin. But, I would always talk to your dermatologist before. I’m not a doctor. So, I will use my acne medication. I just don’t use a ton to be honest. Even right now, I don’t really have any, I’m trying to judge. Good skin day I guess. I don’t really have anything major. So, I’m just gonna kind of put it in the spots that I might see something starting to come. I don’t know.


And I normally don’t rub it in. I just kind of dab it on. I just want it to soak in. Then, I put on my moisturizer. And again, I do not use a ton of this. Really small amount. (upbeat music) That is pretty much it. In the morning, I do something a little bit different. So, I’ll walk you through that too. (upbeat music) All right y’all, so it is the next morning and I told y’all that I would show you what I do in the morning, but honestly, I don’t really do anything. I just put on moisturizer again. My skin gets dry overnight, I feel like. Also, if I don’t put moisturizer on in the morning and then I put makeup on or something, it doesn’t stay on my face well. So, I always put on moisturizer at night and in the morning.

So, that’s pretty much what I do. No, it’s literally all I do. I would show you my makeup routine, but literally, I don’t have one. That’s pretty much all that I do in the morning, as far as skincare goes. So, hopefully y’all enjoyed watching my skincare routine. It’s been a long road. I’ve come a long way and I’m so, so happy with the way my skin is.


I’m really happy, and obviously acne is normal, especially for teenagers. So, it does take a long time to kind of figure that out. It might just be an age thing for some people. But, I did find out that most of mine was because I was reacting to the products I was using. But obviously, talk to your dermatologist before changing anything or trying anything, ’cause they know what’s best for you. I have no idea. This is just what’s worked for me. But yeah, hopefully y’all enjoyed watching that. I’ll see you guys next week, bye. (upbeat music).

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