How to Set up Atom 1.0 with your Preferences

It has been engineered to approach It is supported by integrated features outside the box that helps to increase your productivity From the first time you run it But it is also permeable to the medulla With the same maximum flexibility Found in traditional text editors Without the need for any modifications on your part. We will review how to set atom to use the settings, Specialized key links, Interfaces And packages.


The easiest way to install atom Is to open your editor settings Your basic settings contain common preference fields Such as the type of your thumbnails Or define ignore files and paths at the application level. You can also specify a default save location for atom projects here Your editor settings let you customize The way text appears in the editor window These properties let you adjust the font size and tab key, Or switching visual aids like line numbers, Instructions start distance, even hidden.


They have default knowledge settings for your use. But easy to customize If you want to make an adjustment here or there. Tab linking keys in your Atom settings Shows you all the key shortcuts within reach Available to you. atom contains presets with key settings for linking keys, But this list grows as it expands With third party tools and packages.


If you need to find a shortcut quickly, You can use the search box and filter the list. In case you need to override a particular shortcut key Or you want to create a new from scratch. You can edit your key map directly. atom uses notation for the CoffeeScript object To manage the key links in this file, For easy reading and creation of shortcuts. There is also a predefined clip to create a new key linker.


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Just type key and press enter atom expands the clip to a model that fits you. Speaking of the clip, Clip file in atom settings Allows you to define an expand-text shortcut For parts of code or text used periodically. Like the link of the keys, the clips were also written Note the CoffeeScript object, Atom also contains a clip to create clips, Just type snip, and press enter And you’ll get a snippet template that you can edit To define its scope and behavior.


Tab interfaces in the settings Allows visualization of interface styles in the editor In addition to shading the syntax inside the editor. Interfaces are a set of style routines, written in LESS, They are totals from CSS atom contains predefined packets with a set of interfaces.


To allow many options to get started, But there are hundreds of interfaces available for you to try, All have been added by your fellow Atom users To install the interface, just click on the Install tab in the settings Then choose one of the selected interfaces, Or look for an interface you like.


If you don’t like one, or you may have installed an interface But you want to make some adjustments, You can override any style by creating a custom action In the style.less file in the atom settings atom comes with ample functionality From your first run, But like any modern text editor running on ASCII, It is expandable at all levels.



You can install packages to improve atom Of clip libraries are syntax specific Into completely new interface elements Like interfaces, atom contains a set of key packets, You can manage all your installed packages In the Packages tab. Be aware that you can disable Or remove the main packages completely


To help you get rid of any extra load that may reduce your speed. In addition to the main packages, There are more than 2,000 packages developed by users Available by the Atom community. Just use the Install tab to get the package Lets you add extra functionality you’re looking for.


If you want an easy-to-use text editor And works outside the box, Or prefer an environment that allows you to create your own experience, atom has all you need. In the end, Atom is a text editor Is your text editor.


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