Herbal Tea Update: Hibiscus


New findings on herbal teas: hibiscus


In my comparison last year, the amount of antioxidants in 282 drinks hibiscus tea won first place. That’s why my family started drinking fruit punch instead of matcha green tea with hibiscus tea that you may have encountered in my video recipe. Since then, we’ve switched from tea bags to sprinkled dried hibiscus flowers, which we soak and then mix into a drink, so we don’t throw anything away.


But it has something of antioxidant ability In a test tube, it does not mean that it will work the same way in our body. Maybe hibiscus nutrients are not even absorbed. In rodent experiments, bio availability has been demonstrated, but I last had a hamster as a child. We have only now found out what is happening in the human body.


“Consumption of hibiscus extract (tea) and its effect on the systemic antioxidant potential in healthy humans. ” If you give people the task of drinking only clean water for ten hours, With the levels of antioxidants in their bloodstream this will happen. Your antioxidants are slowly depleted during the day by fighting with all those free radicals.

Eventually, the supply of antioxidants is completely depleted. It’s hard to get people to fast for ten hours on the water, so they added something to their water to eat, what they knew would not affect antioxidant levels.


They got white bread with cheese. So you can actually see what happens when you just drink water and eat bread with gouda all day. What if they gave them instead of at the beginning of the experiment did they give one cup of hibiscus tea?


Within an hour you see a beautiful increase in the level of antioxidants in the bloodstream. But then the effect evaporates, so if you don’t drink hibiscus tea all day, or you don’t eat anything other than white toasted bread with cheese.

Bitter leaf tea is also a good to supplement for Antioxidant & Blood Sugar

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