Benefit of Dates for Colon Health

The benefits of dates for colon health

Dates are one of the healthiest sweeteners. We use them in the cookbook “We can be healthy”. You can blend them with water to make date syrup or use date sugar, which is whole food – just dried dates, ground to a powder – and as such is full of nutrients, ultimately proving to have so much antioxidant power as much as black molasses, but without the strong taste. Although not all brands are the same.

For example, Bob’s Red Mill has twice as many antioxidants compared to NOW Foods, although only one package from both brands has been tested.

Well, dates are healthier than other sweeteners, but that doesn’t tell us much. Do dates have any special healing properties? We can see articles like this in the medical literature, which highlights the therapeutic effects of dates in the prevention of various diseases: anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor activity filled with images like this of the putative pharmacological properties of dates for disease control.

But what they don’t say is that part of it perhaps based on studies such as giving dates to rats. This sounds good, but then they cause testicular ischemia by turning their left testicle clockwise by 720 degrees, which means two complete rotations until complete cessation of blood supply. And did the dates help? Who cares if dates have helped – here we are talking about the testicles of rats.

It’s the same as when scientists study the effects of nuts on pecans. What does this matter? Although ironically the strangest statement here, that dates help in childbirth, this is actually supported by randomized double-blind studies with placebo control groups, as I have already mentioned; so let’s not rush to conclusions here. What about the supposed anti-cancer effects? Researchers have studied the effects of dates on our good intestinal flora and the spread of cancer cells in the colon.

About 10,000 billion microorganisms live in our intestines and “they are considered to be the most metabolically active site in the human body.” All sorts of crazy things happen in the gut. And we can reward our good gut flora by feeding it prebiotics, such as fiber and polyphenols, a certain class of antioxidant phytonutrients. And dates have high levels of both. So let’s blend some dates with some gut flora, fecal suspensions, donated by volunteers. Have you heard of green smoothies? … Rather brown smoothies.

So what happened? Both whole date extract and only date polyphenols managed to significantly increase the growth of beneficial bacteria and then the ability of the mixtures was also evaluated to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the colon in a Petri dish.

Even just one fraction of polyphenols reduced the growth of cancer cells half, and whole date extract almost completely blocked cancer cell growth. ‘Together, these data suggest that the consumption of [dates] can improve colon health by increasing the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells [of the colon].

It would be good if the effects were actually studied from dates in a real colon, but there has never been such a study сега until now. The effects of date consumption on the growth of the intestinal flora and the health of the colon: a randomized, controlled, cross-intervention human study.

Volunteers were assigned to either a control group or a group of seven dates per day for three weeks and значително a significant increase is found in the frequency of bowel movements, which is not surprising after the intake of additional fiber, but also a significant reduction in the concentration of ammonia in the stool after consuming dates.

I have a video on why this is important. In addition, the intake of dates significantly reduces genotoxicity in human “faecal water”. What the hell is that? It’s like tea from human feces. Aqueous stool extract from someone who ate seven dates a day, causes significantly less genotoxicity, which means significantly less DNA damage, which is good, because that’s what covers the inside of our colon on a daily basis.

Dozens of different varieties of dates have been considered how they work against different types of cancer cells in the laboratory. Not just colon cancer and stomach cancer, with which dates may actually come into contact, but also prostate and breast cancer cells, but of course we will first have to prove that the active ingredients in fact, they are actually absorbed into the bloodstream and end up in these organs.


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