How to Whiten Teeth INSTANTLY at home!

Hey guys in today’s video I’m going to show you how to whiten your teeth naturally now if you follow me on instagram you probably are directly Instagram it’s probably because I’m an instant granny but anyways if you like quick 15-second to the point tutorials follow me on instagram at far the guy I post a ton on there I’m interrupting this video in all kinds of ways ignore the mess ignore the way that I look I’m just a bum in my pajamas but I’ll sit here editing this video and I was like I need to talk to you guys real quick so completely candid moment here I just really wanted to let you guys know that this Saturday April 9th from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. I’m having a meet and greet at Toronto Eaton Centre Mall at Albert Square is it called Albert’s Square or Albertson Square I’m not sure never heard of that Square before maybe it’s a circle I’m not sure I’ll have all the information in the description box below but for those of you who are in the Toronto area I would love it if you could make it coming out let’s chill let’s talk makeup stop cake cookies let’s take some selfies I just really want to hang out with you guys and I really want to meet you guys so if you are in the Toronto area I really hope that I see you on Saturday I’m super excited to meet those of you guys who can make it I’m gonna stop rambling I don’t know why I’m talking so fast I’m rough from talking so fast so yeah all the information will be in the description box below and now let’s get back to regularly scheduled programming I really hope you guys enjoy my DIY teeth whitening treatment I know it sounds scary at first to put turmeric on your teeth I was scared at first – I’m not gonna lie but as soon as I did it I was blown away my teeth has never been whiter it is my new holy grail to whiten my teeth so I really hope you guys try it out I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe if you’re not already subscribed to me um give me a quick thumbs up I hope you enjoy the video now let’s get into the video so all you need for this is some turmeric yes turmeric I know turmeric can be a little scary because you can think that it can stain your teeth but I’m going to tell you why it’s amazing you also need a tablespoon of coconut oil now coconut oil should be solid at room temperature so when you mix the two together you should get a really beautiful orange yellow paste just like this you’re also going to need a toothbrush just a little disclaimer this does stain your toothbrush not your teeth so I mean I’d rather have a stained toothbrush than stained teeth so you’re just going to pick some up on your toothbrush and your going to start brushing your teeth with this now don’t be scared a lot of the comments that I got people were scared too they thought that turmeric would stain their teeth and that is not the case turmeric actually has astringent properties and it’s also abrasive so it’s great for your oral health and it helps with your gums and any dental pain that you may have now the coconut oil is the star of the show because it cleanses your teeth and gums from bacteria and it’s also great for curing bad breath naturally and eliminating plaque and all sorts of bacteria so you want to brush your teeth with this and then leave it on for five minutes then you want to go ahead and brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste and voila you have instantly white teeth not joking this is my new holy grail for teeth whitening love it so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you my next

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