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Welcome you to the next mission offer in there it’s awfully tempting let’s have eight here we go through of the life cycle.

Software protesting the lecture section 8 of embers of practicing in this session we will study bobbing bicycles that are followed forever software development and testing typically it is a book and in detail we will learn form or what was the slip from software testing link.

I color plus elements that are required so we need to know some of the definitions of all three agreed criteria then there are sample of rotation of a life cycle obviously you to understand what is legs written what are the elements that are required to have analytical implemented how it is our next examples will go through then we will a screen detail about the software testing logical per se and before that.

I’ll just have the emphasize of what we studied in now session on 7 R we started with an excel in the pocket to run 6 then we studied about TM method this is one of the important method that’s being followed what it does you little miss Cavalli Alec sticks of the complex system or the image system custom and I will apply the approach Bombay has Roger Baker.

It’s so the principles are we go life cycle it have some techniques on me so we studied about each of this life cycle techniques infrastructure organization then not some of the calc sticks that needs to be laid on for each of the embedded systems of statistical or or restriction it to the behavior of the inverter system and a test needs to be characterized in space on that we lovely we come be a method then we had controls on commercial poop what are those who categorized in terms of measurement or in terms of editing and debugging so all these are categorized so we basic that very powerful computer tools.

So we had an example of snapshot all for typical my system tools also we studied about the words different words okay what is hotel intrical we know there are various stages of software development and testing the different levels are used so those need to be considered for implementing any medicine crystal and testing those stages of corner event are to be used or consider at different levels that is nothing but software lifecycle stages.

So some of the points are process to be there they should be defined process for stages of development in testing and lyrical should consider all aspects of the development of the desert coordinates is a limitation and again requirements could have a data requirement because study is taken from then that design will have a higher implementation.

Now can have a lot of implementation and debugging testing so all this should be considered to complete soft ever like ah II in essence the mouth the complete loss of the life cycle will be divided into multiple laws operation in general the what that we is they do a one stage Airport opinion cycle then they will go for the formal Encik these two typically they are using it in terms of and there’s our goal of course there are different types of life cycles that is going to be applied for each of them or the way they oh they won’t talk basically I just beat implementers and their software system they first use our prototyping then go to the formal develop act so the prototyping will have a prototyping then cycle the formal one will have a form.

We will go through each of this so how you go defined whatever differences etc before that before we study the prototyping and formal life cycle we will have an understanding of couple of words which are important in to end a quick reading so we know that as of the Rowland circle we’ll know who I am different stages or a limitation of the ventricle so each leg across a stages have to have an entry have to have an exit it means what is entry entry is nothing but the conditions that must exist before an activity or in it or bitumen polyclinic will can commence means before we start with of the life cycle the conditions that are required the target activity has to be investing are should be available so it is a great eager to start that the x-ray taken every criteria integrating here.

The conditions that mullet existed before an activity our unit of the different for the claim cycle can be be complain that means it’s not early before we announce all before we think we were till that that cycle or that activity is complete there’s the knowledge different conditions or criteria those need to be sexified so those are all called existence so these two are very important items that they use it defining these from time cycle for each of these stage stage one will have a degree video conditions stage one will also have a equiped in their ultimate convenience similarly stage 2 will have a criteria for casting is ready here .

I have staged similarly all the pages or billing cycles will have entry these 2 must equal to 4 we go to different stages and cycle you it could be any lexical that you take this pose is very important some of the considerations for three actively criteria asthma more below is dependent at Montana TM is it should be in place and is the dependency on the particular stage without this it will not move then.

The what are the expected deliveries or expected and deliverables at the stage before we call it as an exit there are certain run deliverables that stage ends with there is a part of the illustrate then how it runs it and we the interior mean suppose the stage three can be read and complete by defining so and so variables and so and so they will keep it in place before when the stage 3 it is stage for the stage 3 to stage 4 foundation we will have a define the elements those limits are called dungeon criteria condition from stage 2 to stage 4 the stage we will have some entry say pre will have some exit also the state we can be entering it based on certain conditions getting a transition within that so there is also called entry the entry for that particular the stage and the integration 230v eye candy for should identify part effects of stakeholders right you i intimated by japan’s.

Our stakeholders we enter into dream space on the process sitting but really well-meaning expected deliverables are for each of the station and they’re independent that whatever items for each of the stage that needs to be at a different basically are this that must be considered so that is because of the conservation that needs to be used for a three-legged with war on the life cycle plus elements okay so we know that the pearl taking light signal and formal execute our youth in that general line is offered our punter and everything so what are those great go through prototyping life cycle typically protecting like a bit like this with a lot of blocks that are involved in center there is an empty into the life cycle of the prototype and there’s.

It I will explain each of them there are this dotted block is nothing but the life cycle of the prototype so it starts with something like the box visiting data entry will go through water pockets similarly I have to come out of this life cycle through another acquit mechanism the bottom you can see example is systems normal soft electric is ready to go for the formal logic with an excitation is it example prototype I shake allow user protect like a lot in pain Exeter items which are mentioned for this life cycle so prototyping life cycle the software developer differentiated using proven model in order to freeze.

Dynamic wattage to a negate the software architecture and software purposes it means primarily what we’ll do is something like you will identify a creative warm bottle and the goal is to identify and freeze the high level requirements and we should be able to well get in MA the architecture what we have defined by the prototype and the software performance Obama’s water could be he to be to perform the various requirements that are required and during prototype development the creative description office of their record chontal active design for quarantine cases will occur to lead in software requirements in the agent Lee we concentrate on aligning the requirement living the architecture immediately it is a software.

Requirements it inspector to relieve that requirement we need to have a some sort of a prototype architecture or design prototypes or score so something like prototyping the various aspects just to prove that these requirements are viable and to do these the hazarded these elements are the items that are oiled or more will be considered so what we do is we will have a contribution alpha configuration management process and all the items produced during this act will be contribution manager is it could be a architecture we design our source for all this part of the prototype all those should be configured and they should be in turn conservation minute so this lifecycle will have all these elements covered under the prototyping and no formal change equation I will perform will be protected by shake so what is for hobbies these people what is not there is very here actually that means this o formal change here formal means from B and Christian perspective from the users.

Perspective or from the customer perspective customer has given a requirement to achieve an end requirement what we do is we divide the requirement or a formal more tales of the elephant into for clipping and the prototyping good we will not release to customer it is nothing like a cappella definition or prefer also it is called the formal concept is gonna be very important thing that there is some industry they are following for positive something like an income all development or test finger versus of course depends on the management.

Tom they want to predict is customers also can be involved but basically it is for eternal contracts it will as well as you within i define the framework the framework is nothing but the prototyping and once we are good to go for the formal life cycle there could be a sign of an approval from which we’ll take a rain an important step or stage of the prototyping which is nothing but the exit criteria and for doing that we need or we may not be the formal change because magnet which will be used for protecting that means any of the frame rate whatever we do for doing all this off to make our picture designs recorded on may not require a formula may work it will all be fine it’s no formula cheese request management will be performing protecting them chicken problems are recorded and report for consistency because they really follow this to the business below actually Tama they still be dead.

I will explain one of the it could be used is also called a mom with I can’t listen a followed blister or an action item listed that will be used and said during the development of the prototype there could be some bugs or some ability to the better the visibility updates this needs to be reported these are all part of business successfully because we are not just free that with their requirements so that’s very important that the specification is thorough and solid in the flow thinking so that is one of the important criteria before we move to the next page for doing that we’ll have 18 discussions that are organized between the team and is operating and one thing that we need to know is that the system is usually defined with the help of customer as well with alcohol some people it could be management okay yes 19 years customers also can be in world our customer rep ability lately system and a team which are responsible for implementing then implement a team implementation thirty development whatever it is –

Hey and all that you can call so produce nothing but the ability walking soft rating so these two will closely work an impact to make it a specific process to arrive at the completion imperfect of a prototype English alaikum so because I’m not ready model as a paper prototyping is an iterative development of models on video I mean the process items which are there within the prototyping like concept serving line source current this business will be it it will be developed as we progress with revisiting to conclude on those items so that’s an iterative modern very prototype development iterative super-soft a requirement and picture design code this will occur so finally the end goal is to move exactly the edges of the request it will be a cyst and all these items will be considered because sometimes so what will happen is before we do the or drink in or manga out if we may need to revisit the whatever basis on which oh these lesions are taken care of it in traffic in which is also called and then we will see proven concept it is basically a nature into little Cochran through gaining on stage here comes customers of a cannonball it is no formula inputs infringes on taken considered what they were typing and an estimable specific position we arrived at we welcome all of our stakeholders let’s take we’re just an existing team or some cutting so these are some of the product names it for long Ekans I will explain now I can it example don’t report a clinic you can see at the regarded block this block is the portable proper life cycle this means to be entered then in the corner of relay psychologic socket for that what is a input system sensing system specification could be a customer given gravity’ customer via given our drums you stop them.

So this is the starting point for the clinical we start with you because what we are going to prototype we do – right so that has to become talked of specification because of that – the lexical kickstart so what are those world are done what so what we did with the stage prototype insulation so we start with a take on density magnification will do what and all that and those the installation as a result of that we will come up with their advanced or MD here is our sleep cocktails requirement spec specification it is it will differ or solder cords is called encryption you can also design as an architecture I could an example it could be this it could be another one also but deploys whatever the arrows are the these are all are some of the Pvt items so that is to be they’re gone for typing then once we have this page with additional areas and engine is named we will do an iteration of musicals by defining really feeling and evaluating so you keep on getting up and as a result of that it could result in some specification update and the heart seems distant whistle precipitation is to have a updated SRS snyder design and that design and SRS will power we go through definition of that they really hear relation means what we do is we will try to implement or feasibility and you understand so basically what they do is what is the offender system water to evaporate the water is connected how they interact what are the differences what are the signals likely to blow and all that sputtering modeling maybe know each other this bottle is the effect and also there’s a call recently come for a base testing so whether the model or you know paperwork or you or diagrams.

whatever it is to make it realize that this specification we learn exactly mentioned requirements that is a needed as interest than you later if name and the protect so will reduce relations with the help of updated systems for simple will have a nice boat came don’t get confused with the certification could have something like a system level I will not register explain what is the system system level information again it could be an electrical requirement could be an hardware’s equipment it could be mechanical could be performance it will also have software so all this will be part of this basically very software will take care of the software also for doing software you will be having people read whether I can perform in software on the underneath system I think the system will have electrical Hardware requirement at all so these are some of the disturb level information this will be having but we need only the software related I think this way we will have concentrating on software accordance with the key imbalance detail design and the source code all specific to software and for as far as the painting in constant we use it as business was here therefore a type result of absorber test result will be iterated already said iterative or water photography indie prototyping car then shake the illicit is with help of one group of this cases procedures that could be used for evaluating it so this we go in cyclic away allocated one smooth done what would we use specification will review or will be a evaluation so if the specification is final if it is not then they’ll gain will run it right on that actually iteration solve for defining specification items how it can be realized clarification visibility tillage it can be be liberty except you those are.

The important items is to be taken care for this is pretty well process okay so once the integrative items are done then once the specification final Bob then we are good to have a finalized Navi prototype that means we have defined the tournament or an initial working model of inference to one concept of name and then source code to an extent it is working fine and we have few calculus example procedures reports which could validate the system say that we have imported so these are probably for taping life cycles well they crumble of what that award typically here that will be used before we go into the next life cycle is nothing but form electric I repeat we start with an egg cream into the prototype in cycle within specification I will put a different color it should be easy agree so that education will enter into the April typing uncle will do an installation that means village is in shape with app or typing pensacon will come up with an engine in Spanish and detail design or it could be architecture then on this initial x RS or degree in our source code is traffic region we define it each of the requirements of the the specific curve functions are features that are required as part of the system I said the system we have many high level system level information out of which we will consider only the bottom software’s liquid or items that is the goal of all this for typing so we do a update of the SRS even source codes in your sample lattice procedures.

Apple results then we will evaluate again that that is fine or if it requires any updates will take this part will come back again to take this part will come back so again we continue once everything is final we are good to go for finalization and the we will have a final our proof of concept working prototype the Teutons are finally far as filling or I’ll cut your document a basic code and then we’ll discus with the results so this prototype items you okay so we have done with the product and second we know that the next one is informal which is an important aspect of the impairs of the systems you may wonder why we need to product so what will happen is if I have a system and I am a customer requirement and I don’t have a confidence service part and I cannot commit to a 16-7 color and small and their system and usually were easy actually and the it has to be a thorough analysis proof of mechanism so that what we do is we develop a small prototype it is really a shortened version of the actual RM cycle and we will stall again stage and we say we are good to start the formula lickle and prototyping go to formal n cycle can happen any stage you don’t need to have everything in place what will happen only tactic surrender uses our picture it won’t work I don’t need to implement it but we have studied all the information signals everything and there you compare conclusion that I am good to go for it’s like little that is the formula cycle so thanks for the criteria criteria equal now that criteria we thought of this protection cycle.

So we put the protection basically for the image of the hood be smoking formula shake so what we do in a formula is equal all formal guidelines and processes are established it means what are the formalities that we mean in terms of implementing the complete formal life cycle will be followed or established entry integrity they have defined and they say the NP and educate we are out of those it is a the conditions that must be there for each of the process icon before it starts and I give the TI something like it should be complete before we starting next to first item so that will be defined in the formal process we know that in court I think we don’t have any three people overall we have an imprint overall we have an exit but in formal a cycle we were trained with before any thumping stages we can be formal and liquor and the stakeholders are defined who is going to do what and they will very different as well and that means what is a team and the waters are what are the skills that you should have so those are all will be part of these they called another identification and definition basically software lifecycle data is defined with the data education and data organization so the lexical will have several or various type of data that is involved although the data will be identify first then all the data is going to be all net are managed for implementing the complete loss often will be part of this normal life cycle.

We will take up an example of formal ethical method how it is so we have a planning to enter we know that what is planning in one of the last session I have work told at dessert development or this plan which will have all the environment how this will be used one of the guiding the case process everything we part of the planning once we have a planning frozen we will actually start with being formalistic so I’d put a simpler the V lifecycle it is called a real icicle it how it comes to being either and interesting part so basically it looks like a the hip we ship so why a v-shape is that as we go across the different stages in deep it is going to narrow down it is going to go deep we can final elements consented so that is it is called V let’s echo what are the items that are there in the village like so.

We have a specification we know that software specification more we are and in the prototyping so we have a softer specification we have an analysis of the specification which is nothing but the equation as part of that activity we have a naught comma SRS and also the specification we have it is our architecture the design also can be broken into high level or low level in high-level gullibility so also called high-level to name-call well detailed accordingly or ever once we are the low-level delay we are recording the recording is the knocked up in jollywood delay is in place coding is nothing but implementation of the integrated design this is one side for me development perspective you so this is development perspective.

We have a testing perspective so this will go in conjunction for each of the phases so how it goes is we have the SRS a code and on par with that SRS or the animal we call we develop the conspiracy so for doing the testing we have the high level testing gun you find it highly we testing the input is nice we don’t care about design coding and s anything we always look at this show will not consider any of video lower we already denied specification of ESX developer test cases and procedures but I never an an activity and such that community arm is perfect slogan you at the hey 11 next 49 we similarly develop a individual health case in Custis this innovation also can have its own this kists dispersed fear and outcome of that is TM you yeah so unit is called a ITP integration test plan on this procedure this will be part of this for doing the integration person we will consider the design a level one level two one way integration position is called the minimum or code there are different functionality where is our feature home models that needs to be segregated each model how they take they are how they interact each other those details are all considered for developing the integration test plan and as fermentation to spend we have in bigger anticipation is and we do the testing at this level we don’t care about higher level of course the input from the a level can be considered in terms of an understanding of business one but to map with what we do at the integration level we will definitely take design item as an input for doing the ellipticity we have the source code of the implementation mapped item sometimes so what will happen is they also use the Lowell tonight well testings that depends on how we want different so.

What they do is they’ll further divide is blocking to a level de is a non block low level design block no they’ll design block their do it for interesting along with the coding mister can be taken capitaine general source code is a prime input for doing the Erie testing in testing is also called as a copper you so each of the components of each of the units which are implemented or coded will be in status so again they will have a test case dispersed cuillre and flirting in and just returned all these TLT RTN you can see on the end will be on the right-hand side in goes that goes with the conjunction of these internal elements specification design and coding let’s go it’s called in the B model so this is a primitive form of circle so we have for typing done in the previous the prototyping lifecycle that will certainly as formal specification that distinction is considered an input for that specification we develop testing in parallel to all the items that are required in the tower book for doing the testing updates so this is a formula cycle example.

We know that the way we need to have this thing I individual each page because it’s very important to identify the property who works at that stage so that it cost off for maintenance or are the updates of the products will be less as we enter greatly you need to say yes so that is what it will be put one of the organization’s graph which has a identifying the cost of the cost of possible effect it grows up as we go deep into the per technician we cannot afford to have a book but is there in the product that is list because the cost will be very high because it has to go through several inch thick the law the books could be at any stage are the common could be wrong so what we do is we write if a quick-fix lipids at this pages as early as possible you for real is be fun so that is what the story of this firm is like setting girls from all the formal a circle has been for me you what allah launching typically how it is up there actually so we have a requirements we have an actor or high-level design we have a vulnerable design we have an implementation these only one set under that said we have a four on par with a requirement we have an equipment list on par with the architecture or high level design is Kontest we have an integration test we have an implementation and any tests so a contortion of this building use the year in the example formal a second here cut down is something like I had put a one block for design which will be used for integration testing and there is no system testing so the same system testing is used here or our picture point of view and requirements I have used the acceptance because that’s the difference in this report is required user a customer here .

Whatever is it and user requirements used for similar bits basically is a model they use this from an example learn is how it interpreted in a book called up aggression to you software testing by Amanda about them on a book is there so this is the builder second where things may be may be shape I mean girl that can set it the repenter stages undertaken set a testing stages this will go in handle for each of the cycle and what happens typically is that this will go in parallel way I say or to do an acceptance test or we don’t need to do the you don’t need to have that only for sure so one thing is done a real stage be able to start you the accident is plan Barbie hello this plan that this plan can be developed for the particular requirements.

Still the design and the implementation is underway we can sing go everything this plan we can write it so that will go in parallel to the requirements similarly when the is when is done and going for the implementation the system is plan or the integration is plan for the laviticus can be updated or he can be started in parallel to these items once we are done with the implementation are we to the in testing and will go with the actual testing you put to produce the results so plans and the procedures can be written in parallel with all this slamptons head items so that is about envy model oh here are some of the points which it needs to be understood the requirements analysis raised up from the velopment campus will be customer needs is it the call the customer input cell power the combi compositive also will be used in developing the requirements and the requirements analysis and that’s act insisting you delight to remove a very complicated software impact based be leaves of the requirements in other words acceptance testing hopes.

Whether the software does what the user why this something like a business perspective acceptance testing must involve moodle or other individuals who else found on animal or a steady movie again the users have a test our testing team very strong mister knowledge who can present system to the customer or who can basically report the outcome 3 user or the customer so it’s very important that access in this accept interesting result used for delivering the product next one is there a textured design design phase of the software which chooses the components in campus there is interaction of the various modules to realize the system whose system specification are to be deep previously a integrate requirements it means we have the high level requirements which will rapidly the different components and then interaction of the various components to come up with an overall reading then or the architecture in line on par with the abstract.

It is any we have discipline which is designed to determine here design means testing is designed to determine whether be assembled in Istanbul it assumes that they the pieces work in usually and ask if the system works and the whole level of testing usually books for design in for keeping power against whether design has any clause all this will be identified in this testing is very expensive place to find low level one parts and is usually not done very further or take a separate visiting team the pin system testing is done independently with an identified a team who will not bother about the whatever issues or a low-level issues could be any of a signal so drivers or hardware registers or the processor related things but it looks at the system level as a black box.

There is a separate dedicated team will take care of system testing and that will be on par with a high level it is an avi acting server then then the next one is a low level design the loading entails of this operator which specifies the structure and behavior of some systems that means graphs it different of a portal which will have some structure and behaviors all will be detailed in DL or anything each of this term will be intended to satisfy some functionality the oral culture means each subsystem rajababu also defined feature of the function and on par with each of the slowly warm this is a testing methodology called integration testing which is designed to assess whether you prefer group these modules in the given subsystem have a consistent movement communicate correctly instead copies because there’s like box so integration testing is on par with a tall awakening which will identify all the interfaces between this low-level more on par with or deserved defying it is all about the same and it is consistent and then to this I saw in the question table correctly and communicate appropriately the last one is a implementation of the program the elements in the case of software element that actually produces the core as a result of implementation the MVP source code on par with use implementation.

We have invitational written designer to assess the ear it’s produced by limitation pace will be most level of testing and some kalo such as when building genuine person I believe or you’ll all a low level source for new testing is done without a knowledge of software applications what it means is as a low level unit it is tested with album parameter which will identify the flow within that module of the unit so that is all they implemented there are interesting of the implementation it more I think I have to end in now a movie the hens have whatever testing integrating and here is a mapping of all those types of testing in this is.

So this will go a hand in hand with this defender then siccola causes so Eclipse IQ will have an exit which will be 94 the next that is what the entrained in its retina that needs to be clear and we’ll go through this scientific criteria in the next decision of course so what are those French equal now process a limits that needs to be defined so we know that if life cycle will have a person all this in a way model so what it is to have any money or what is a mandatory thing that is we need to have for the electrical process for each page so it has to be an objective this should be a scope there is an inter criteria for decimal so what are the inputs that are required so what it is going to produce what is all then we have an exit criteria which defines the good conditions for that stage so we will take an example section for each of the lake cycle process and a line is a I think so I will explain about our consumer electronics i xi run a gopro automotive for the posts were there now in the next session so basically these are some of the elements that are reminded really good for them based off their lexical objective of the stage scope entry criteria inputs outputs exit so those are required

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