DIY All Natural Lime & Sea Salt Scrub| Face & Body Scrub

What’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel And today I’m going to do a lime & sea salt scrub for my face Come and join me So I decided to do a DIY sea salt scrub for my face face Actually, it’s for any dry skin that you may have your elbows your feet Your knees You know some people use it to take a shower with it like to rub it on other dry areas Ok, so I have all my ingredients. I have a knife watch everybody, it’s a Puerto Rican with a knife! Okay, I have a butter knife I Have my grater. I have my One tablespoon and I have a couple of lime that I had laying around the house that you as you can tell are ready to go back That’s what I will be using they’re not bad yet, but they are just about to get there they have little black spots I’ll Probably end up using this one Or this these two.

These seem like the best to me. I Have my little bowl You know, I have my classic olive oil Or you can use coconut oil whatever you like best and I have my iodized sea salt It’s better to use the thicker sea salt because it’s more coarse, you know, it’s better to scrub on your skin But I had this lying around the house. So this is what I’m going to use, Plus iodine is healthy for you. It’s nutritional even though we’re not eating it. It’s still healthy for your skin Okay, now that we got that all set up we’re ready to go.

We’re going to use Half a cup of the kosher salt I Got this big-ass cup because this is what I have in the house. Okay, so half a cup which is like about That much half a cup But I may use a little bit less. I may use like 1/3 cup Just because I don’t even think I need much To tell you the truth, but I mean, we’ll see let me follow directions. Yeah, I haven’t opened this yet. Oh Okay, so This is actually a good scrub for you, it’s filled with minerals and It’s good for your skin. It has magnesium sodium and calcium in it. It reduces an eliminates blotchy skin Use the pouring section cause it’s easier to come out that way. Scared This is supposed to also reduce the appearance of acne all over your body girl, not just your face And also takes off your dead skin Good I don’t think I need too much About to scrub my whole body with this my feet my elbows Ain’t it? Do your face before you do your feet.

Of course, right you wash from head to toe I hope right I hope you’re not watching your butt first and then washing your face Washing your butt and then washing your face! Have a butt smelly face all day Okay, that seems about right, okay So then what we do is we are going to cut this open and then we’re gonna put one tablespoon of lime. Got it open try to get the lime inside of the tbsp lime juice Squeeze it squeeze it all in squeeze it all in This is supposed to make your skin softer and the lime also helps to fight Bacteria, and it reduces oil So I’m going to put this salt in here It’s like 1/3 and I’m going to put the tablespoon of lime juice and I’m going to put one tablespoon of olive oil. Okay Just like that Helps to reduce dark circles And it helps to slow down your skin from aging.

It needs to be gritty. I’m saying you want it to be pretty firm. You don’t want it to be too watery Then what you want to do is grate the Lime skin Okay Now that we have everything Mixed and grated and all of that good stuff that we were supposed to do You have to apply this to wet skin, okay So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to wet my face And I’m gonna put it on my elbows just so you guys can see and I will put it on my feet But I have my babies so I have to be able to run just in case something happens We got to do this quick ladies and gentlemen, we got to do this quick So I’m going to stick some of my elbows and my face I’ll leave it on for 15 minutes go check on the babies come back and Wash it off for you guys What I’ll do is I’ll store the rest in an airtight jar to preserve it.

Okay? On that note Let me sip some tea You go girl Okay, guys well on that note what I’m gonna do now is wait 15 minutes Dry my hands I’m gonna wait 15 minutes to take this off and then I will give you my final thought okay, so I have put The ingredients in a jar I’m going to seal it If you want to know how to scale an airtight jar make sure you subscribe Hit that alert Bell so you can be notified for future content. Okay. So now it’s time to rinse this off Off of my elbows and off of my face.

I’m gonna do my face first and I’ll do my elbows then I’ll give you Okay, so I have washed it off of my face in my elbows Let me tell you that my elbows feels so moisturized right now and my face feels so Moisturized like talk about removing dead skin for real feel like I feel completely completely rejuvenated like This stuff really really breaks Like I can tell like I could tell it works. I could feel it on my skin when I look at it no dry skin This is like really really dry skin so you can use this on your feet on your elbows on your hands On your body as a matter of fact, I’m gonna go use the rest in the shower later on I’m gonna go use it all up all over my body all over my body Okay guys so that that product gets my approval I love doing the DIY it was super fun You guys should try it. Let me know what you think comment at the bottom If you like this video Don’t forget to subscribe like or if you didn’t like the video just like and Stay tuned for the next video You guys have a great fantastic awesome Fabulous day or night depending on when I’m uploading this Okay guys.

See you soon. Peace .

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