Call of Duty Mobile: 28 kills !!! Love this game!

Call of Duty Mobile: 28 kills !!! Love this game!

oh one two I see it too like three three cute triple kill baby all right can’t get the farmer oh come on stick your head out mobile video but it will continue shortly just one let you guys know after that.

I’m going to be actually announcing my two free console giveaway winners you’ll also see a video of me going into Game Stop to buy the actual console and I’m going to be announcing another two free console giveaway on top of the other two free console giveaways left total of four so keep watching enjoy the video again thank you guys for checking out this Call of Duty video today.

I’m actually about to start playing with the sniper rifle but again for those people who are new I’m giving away a ton of consoles make sure and absolutely for free so make sure you check the description at the bottom I also give a console strictly to my paying members who pay five dollars and up but that’s optional but throughout this video you’re going to actually see passwords at the at the bottom of the video redeem each password to get into towards the free console giveaway there we go alright so hold on alright this is my first time actually playing with this I’ll hunt on somebody over to my left there we go there’s my first time playing with the sniper rifle so I wanted to see how it is they seem pretty cool so far oh my god whoo it’s pretty accurate actually it’s hard to move a little bit but and a little a little like if.

I could get like anything from the chest up or like the stomach up is the one he kept look at that look at that precision all right let’s see it but actually I’m actually enjoying this game this is my probably there we go two kills baby double kill this is actually about I almost say this in like my fourth match but I’m actually enjoying it so far like it’s actually a really cool mobile game like for those people who haven’t played it yet I really highly suggest downloading especially come on there we go especially if you have the opportunity to play it you know whether if you have work or whatnot or if you got a strong Wi-Fi connection I really do suggest that but it’s actually really good for a mobile game and I’m tearing these fools up there we go all right let’s see I just saw somebody I’m alright we’re good come on stick your head up I’m actually excited.

There we go ah okay I’m actually excited for the new Call of Duty’s the one that’s coming out on the 25th I’m actually scheduling that day off so I can play all day I’m gonna be live-streaming so it’s gonna be big entries for the free console giveaway for those people who want to check me out on the 25th May and my kill streak I feel like I didn’t killed everybody like to be a mobile game on an iPhone I’m telling you guys this is amazing like I’m having so much fun with it you know I don’t look at this and this sniper rifle like it’s so accurate it’s deadly this is like my third like it I’m just going through the kill streaks like it ain’t nothing how long they’re gonna miss oh no okay I had to die at some point but it’s all good but the blow them up that’s the guy who killed me right there oh man kill nobody oh yeah yeah dude I got one person cool oh one two I see it too like three three cute simple kill baby all right can’t get the falls over oh come on stick your head out that’s how you do it that’s like man I’m liking this sniper rifle yo I’m really liking.

I’m actually waiting to try to get a light machine gun yeah I think that would be pretty a pretty good gun and a half I’ll take my kill streak still over I think it proved to be a pretty good gun to have because like when I play with my light machine I mean my assault rifles or whatever I do great but then I always get killed what’s up that’s doesn’t kill make it a triple sag it a troop though okay um what was I saying Oh like if I’m gonna sub right but I got I get like a double kill or a triple kill but then I gotta reload and then at that point on the Balmer would that’s when not usually died then I got a real oh okay they got Sam talking get that out the way I gotta remember to turn notifications off too because notifications be popping up like when I get text messages so when you Besta hot on try to come out get them can I get them connected got you double kill baby I am murdering them I play a guy like all the cubes give me another predator.

I get a double kill somewhere oh man I am really enjoying this I’m and the other thing is this game is free so that’s what’s amazing about it so don’t you go get downloaded victory let’s see how many how many kills I get we murdered them 42 18 and I got the game-winning queue that’s right baby that’s how you do it check out that deadly precision now by a go ahead and download this game is free on iOS and Android devices I wonder if we can if I can link up and play with people I give you to matchmake look at a got that top score baby number one yeah shake my purse guys might get up a little bit leveled up level 11 I want to see how many kills I got though that’s what I really want to see look at that 28 kills 28 I murdered that team I got all eight team that all that kills combined yes I enjoy playing colored mobile but a but not thanks again for watching I’m telling you guys go download this game I’m enjoying it I’m gonna be playing this a lot especially while I’m at work sliding I ain’t gonna be playing at work but you happen to be playing at work what’s up everybody today is October nice.

I’m gonna say anyway this your boy Greg the game of Holly and I am actually but to go into the game stop and purchase one of the last winners console well actually I’m getting her a gift card take a picture of the gift card and send it out to her but that way she can get a gift card so once they shut out the Cammie dent she is the winner she was one of the last winner so she’s getting her console today she don’t know it’s gonna be today though I told her was gonna be Friday today is Wednesday so I’m gonna send it to her today but anyway again congratulations Cammie she’s going to be getting her PlayStation 4 Xbox one that’s or Nintendo switch corners get to choose exactly what they want but then also for watching this video through collecting the passwords you’ll get opportunities to again get a chance to win a PlayStation 4 Xbox 1s or Nintendo switch right now I’ve got two of them that’s going on absolutely for free so again all you got to redeem the passwords at the bottom and then at the end of this video.

I am going to be announcing the other two console giveaway winners so I had a total of four free console giveaways and in the one member console giveaway that I do for free those people who pay five dollars not going to the member console giveaway say if you want to become click the link in the description but the to console giveaway drawings that I’m doing at the end of this video that’s going to be for the people who was in viral sweet basically the more people you refer to the contest the more answers you got and then also I’m picking two winners the first winner will be picked and then whoever referred that person to the console giveaway also wins the console so I’m excited so this episode you’re going to see one winner get their console I’m a post a picture up right here so and then you’re going to also see me pick two more console giveaway winners so again make sure you click the passwords also for the other three console giveaway.

If you become an email subscriber which the link is at the bottom then you will go into that actual console giveaway and each and every email that you open will be interest towards the free consult giveaway alright so almost here dang stop I think I might get a Cinnabon but how’s everybody’s doing let me know what’s going on all right now I’m a gangsta it’s talking about his console what’s going on man um here for that time on a month I want a three hundred and twenty five dollar gift card how you doing brother I’m good I’m good I was yep recording yeah one of my episodes I recorded me actually going to body gift card sending it to the winner to take pictures of the winners out no no that’s it actually no no that’s it that’s it that’s it yeah yeah I think I already got I got that Duty already pre-ordered already that’s the only thing I’m really waiting for thanks brother see in a couple weeks even games I got the gift car for $325 again congratulations kami thank you again for all the love and support thank you for all the loving support from everybody again I appreciate you guys some things that’s going to be new to the channel again stay tuned because I’m gay I’m up on all 20 of the finalists like right now if you’re a finalist there’s 19 winners right I mean I’m sorry 19 finalists in the comments below check and see if you are our finalists but I’m going to announce the last finalist and then I’m going to go ahead and pick the name of the two people who’s gonna win a console of their choice so make sure you stay tuned but I’m excited I got some new things that’s going coming on for those people don’t know.

I’ve been doing a ton of overtime I haven’t been able to put out as much content but i’ma start doing some more marketing towards my content and then also stay tuned because on the 25th when that Call of Duty come out I’m gonna be screaming all gay when I say all that I mean literally all day so I’m excited but again if you want to get involved make sure again you redeem the passwords each password will be interest towards the free console giveaway become an email subscriber that’s a separate console giveaway and then if you want to support this channel help me financially become a member at least five dollars and up and again you’re going to a monthly drawing or a console with that as well but that’s all I got right now but again thank you guys for the time the love the patience to support if you have any questions comments concerns theories hypotheses feedback occlusions make sure you do so or if you didn’t want to say what’s up again make sure you do so make sure you subscribe and then again keep watching is the video to see if you are a winner alright saw two people are about to win a console of choice between the PlayStation 4 Xbox 1s or Nintendo switch and.

I’m so height and again this one is for the viral sleep contest now for those people who are on the left or actual finalists those people that are on the right are people who refer the finalists so for an example if Tammy wins a console then Victoria will win a console because Victoria was the one who referred Tammy now if somebody who wins wasn’t referred to this contest such as like Cleo sits who didn’t have a referral then I would just pick another name from the left side now if you don’t win this time don’t worry I’m gonna continue to do these giveaways and again they’re absolutely for free so sign up but let’s go and get this party started and then I’m going to announce the finalists the last finalist who was Katherine Cole congratulations you are a finalist but now I’m about to go ahead and do the drawing of the actual winner and without further ado the actual winner of the console giveaways is Stephen rank ale and daniel smith congratulations you just want yourself a console of your choice between the PlayStation 4 Xbox one this Nintendo switch so again congratulations you two Daniel thank you for referring Stephen Stephen thank you for participating and again I know a lot of people are probably disappointed but again I’m gonna continue to do these giveaways but I want to say I love each and every one of you guys thank you for participating all the giveaways and now what I’m gonna do again I’m gonna go over the details of the next one again thank you guys for participating I love y’all keep watching alright so today right now is October 14th today is my birthday yay but.

I wasn’t waiting this long to announce the winners because of my birthday I was actually waiting for this particular feature to see if it can be added or if I was just doing it wrong good news the feature that I wanted to implicate in the actual contest has been added so now I can go and finally post this video but anyways again congratulations to the two free console giveaway winners but I’m about to announce another two so for those people who don’t know it’s gonna be a total of four free console giveaway so again number one is the one where you’re going to be redeeming the passwords and then you click the link at the bottom to redeem the passwords that’s number one number two it’s going to be if you sign up as the email subscriber which may be turned into text message ensuing but for each email that you open up as of right now we’ll get you injuries towards the free concert giveaway things to expect in the email is basically.

When I post the videos up on YouTube or something you’ll get an email as well but that’s a separate console giveaway and then now I’m going to be giving away two more free consoles again strictly for those people who refer people to the contest again the link will be at the bottom and again how it works is for each referral that you bring in gives you interest towards the two free console giveaway but how I have it is let’s say if the first person I pick referred always referred by somebody else that person was the console as well so let me break it down if John invites Jill to the console giveaway Injil wins the console number one then John will win the second console because he referred Jill so I think it’s a good way to help spread the word so I appreciate everybody who’s been you know sending people my way subscribing things like that but if you have any other questions comments concerns theories hypothesis feedback conclusions or just want to say what’s up make sure you do so in the comments again refer as many people as you can to increase show odds and that’s all I got for you guys for today but again thanks again for your patience you need anything let me know and I will see you guys soon thanks for watching the video peace oh yeah quickly let me explain as well for those referrals to count make sure when you go into the actual contest page you actually give people your actual referral code this is how everything is kept just kept track so give people your referral code.

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