Call of Duty Infinite Warfare New Weapons Gameplay

Infinite warfare

And now today on this new infinite warfare video We are gonna be trying out the UDM Sounds really awesome This weapon is really cool because it is a ballistic pistol full-auto So that’s pretty awesome and it looks sweet So that would be sick if you guys could go down there and smash that like button that would be absolutely amazing And also if you are new make sure you hit that subscribe button and click that bell to never miss out on cool videos And also if you get lost on the upload schedule on my channel make sure to go down in the description and follow me on twitter Because i tweet out some stuff about me uploading videos to the channel And also guys I just want to say thank you for 500 followers on twitter thank you guys so much for that:) But without further ado, let’s get into this.

New DLC Weapons Gameplay Udm Gameplay

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