How to play PUBG on iOS with gamesir X1. (Myanmar speaking with English CC)


I will test with GamesirX1 on iOS PUBG mobile Version. Let’s turn on power of gamesir X1 I’m going to connect GK 100 Gaming mechanical keyboard to X1 and Gaming mouse GM 100 It’s much more convenience to use since it’s mechanical Keyboard.


In order to play PUBG on iOS platform with Gamesir X1 you are going to need FPS dock and G-crux software you can free download on app store FPS Dock and Gamesir G-crux I already updated the gamesir X1 firmware so I can connect and play.


Let’s check Bluetooth, and shown as FPS-dock i In order to show as FPS-dock i have to press Ctrl+ F2 (for Gamesir X1) Ctrl + F1 for android Device And then go in FPS Dock it’s already connected and go to game mapping config in here I already take the screenshot of pubg config setting go to config then choose PUBG Mobile official config then give a name and save it you can click download and start play game In here I already set the setting config save and then download then we are okay ! then close I don’t need to run this app now.


I will enter the PUBG that officially downloaded from app store you need mouse and keyboard connected to gamesir X1 and you can put ipad, or phone on X1 let’s enter training room and let’s test mouse and keyboard are working or not.


okay , as you can see mouse and keyboard is working you have to memorize the config since it doesn’t show on screen like android you will use to the config after 3 or 4 matches you need to set the config in the FPS dock first then test it in training room you can test like that so see…




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