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I’m making some cheap healthy meals because I know sometimes it can seem like it’s expensive to eat healthy but i’m here to show you that it’s not expensive to eat healthy you can totally do it affordably.

So i will have everything like broken down in the description box below but everything is less than three dollars per meal and i also want to say i didn’t include things like salt because i assume like people just have salt at their house so i didn’t include things like that if you guys enjoy this video and you want to see more like affordable cheat meals like an URL is broken down by price or like less than three or less than five dollars something like that or like a week’s worth for like a certain amount.

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So that i can talk to you guys i have a lot to give aways going on on there as well so you definitely want to check that out and i post like make it mondays tip tuesdays wellness wednesdays and fridays favorites on there so there’s lots of exclusive fun stuff going on there so yeah let’s get into the video so.

We’re starting off by making a stuffed sweet potato so i’m taking my sweet potato and after pricking it with a fork i am wrapping it in some aluminum foil and we’re going to be baking that in the oven at 400 Fahrenheit for about an hour and these are great because they’re filled with vitamins and minerals and lots of beta-carotene.

Then i’m going to be sauteing some spinach which is full of iron and magnesium and it’s a great way to get a little bit of greens in and then once your sweet potato was done remove it from the oven and I’m cutting it open and be careful there will be lots of steam it will be hot .

I’m mashing the size of it with a fork just to loosen up this new potato and adding in a little bit of ghee which is a great medium chain triglycerides fat which actually helps in fata steal a little bit of pink salt you guys know I love my pink felt because it’s alkaline.

I’m topping that with a little bit of the sauteed spinach you can go as much as as little as you want with this and then I’m adding in it some chopped pecans .

I really liked the crunch that this give and the nutty flavor also reminds me of Thanksgiving especially with the cranberries but you can do whatever kind of met that you like here and this came to two hours in two cents is a great filling lunch or dinner it’s warm and you can totally customize whatever nut discretes if you like next up we’re making some of the lack of bean taquitos so.

I’m starting off with one green onion and I’m going to be chopping that up into fine at pieces and then we’re going to be taking one cup of black beans and adding in our green onions into either a food processor or a blender whatever you have that’s strong enough to blend it and I adding in one clove of garlic that you could also use relic powder that’s what you have then.

I’m taking some coordinate tortillas that they’re gluten-free but you don’t have to get gluten-free but make sure you do get the small ones and I’m spreading our black bean mixture and then we’re going to be rolling it up and be careful not to put too much or too little in them because you want to be able to roll it nice and small so just put that in the middle and roll it as tightly as you can and then.

We’re going to be cooking that in a medium pan until they’re brown on all sides and they’re kind of warmed through while those are cooking you can make this side kale salad so I’m using a bunch of kale along with the juice of half of a 11 and then I’m going to be adding on a little bit of olive oil and pink salt which helps to break down the kale and make it less bitter and kind of just massage.

It a bit and that will be our nice little kale salad that will go along with our taquitos so this came to a dollar a deeper was serving at less than two dollars it’s nice and warm you’ve got the corn tortillas but the black beans but also some kale salad to get those koreans in and lastly we’re making some coconut lentils i love this recipe and it’s really Hardy too so.

I’m using 1 cup of red lentils and you’re going to rinse x two to three times basically until when you rinse it the water becomes clear and this removes part of the starch and it also lentils more easily digestible.

So you’re not going to get bloated or any kind of stomach cramping I’m adding in one time of coconut milk which is going to give us a nice creamy texture as well which I love and you’re going to bring that to a boil and then once it’s boiling turn it down to medium heat.

And the kind of simmer until all the liquid is on kind of took about 15 minutes and I’m pairing that with some esteemed broccoli but you can do whatever vegetable that you enjoy but something green would be good and this came into a dollar in ninety cents so less than two dollars really affordable and really yummy.

okay guys so thanks for watching if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give us that good ol thumbs up and what’s the question baby today the question will be what did you eat for dinner last night oh I know what you ate for dinner so I can get some inspiration and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys


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