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Prevention of Lung Diseases – Perfect Home Remedies Lungs are important components of our body, which work without tiredness. At the same time, they are also the worst sufferers. Due to the increasing pollution in the world, it is becoming very important to take care of them, so today we will talk about prevention of lung diseases. Because breathing is very important to survive and it is very important for our lungs to be healthy to breathe. The lungs provide oxygen to the body and carry out carbon dioxide formed in the body. Because of this, we need to take special care of our lungs.

Not only this, our lungs cleanse the breathing by the nose. Then the pure oxygenated blood reaches the heart, and there is a blood attack towards other parts of the heart. If our lungs do not do their work properly then the germs in the infected air can enter our blood and reach our hearts. This can harm our heart. When we talk about taking care of lungs, smoking is the first and most important step to stop smoking. Apart from this, there are other important natural remedies that you can make coming lungs healthy. Let’s know about some natural remedies which will strengthen your lungs as well as improve your respiratory potential.

Prevention of lung diseases Deep breathing Deep breathing is a better way to develop your respiratory potential, as well as the easiest way to do it. Do not forget to do yoga everyday, this will help keep lung diseases away. 2. Exercise Any type of exercise is a better way to make your respiratory rate effective. Include yourself in physical activities such as swimming, tracking, jogging, this will improve your respiratory efficiency. 3. Drink plenty of water Water solves many of your physical problems, drinking water improves your blood circulation which keeps your lungs hydrated. 4. Sharp or astringent intake of substances It may look a bit awkward, but consumption of astringent substances like garlic and onion reduces the level of cholesterol which helps prevent infection in your lungs.

Capsicum Spicse found in capsicum helps to fight infection by improving blood circulation in the body. 6. Nuts & seeds Magnesium, found in nuts and seeds, is good for your diet, it helps keep you healthy and better lung functioning. 7. Intake of citrus We should eat citrus daily, it is rich in vitamin C and improves oxygen access to the lungs. 8. Pumpkin (PUMPKIN) Custard apple and Carrot Vitamin C is found in abundance in the Custard apple, which reduce the likelihood of diseases in the lungs.

Similar ingredients are found in the carrot, which are used to fight diseases. 9. Hot milk with turmeric You must drink hot milk with turmeric before sleeping every night. It protects you from infections and lung diseases. It also gives you relief from troublesome winter. 10. Ginger Ginger ingestion ingredients are found in it, it also acts to remove pollutants from your lungs. You can dry it or mix it in your diet, which is indirectly helpful in preventing lung diseases. .

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