How to stop the cycle of negative thoughts in your head?

Even if you are not a natural pessimism, surely you are in life, there are times when you can’t stop the flow of negative thoughts in my head. Usually in such moments, even a slight change can unsettle and start this cycle of negativity. Someone took your Parking spot, waiting in line was rude, heel stuck in the grating and scratched – and that your brain is energetically scrolls through all of life’s setbacks and focuses on the most unpleasant moments of the day. This phenomenon has a scientific name – the called rumination. It also means chewing gum – it agree, something in common in chewing gum and “chew” negative thinking really is. Today on How to Green we need to understand what to do to stop the flow of gloomy thoughts and empty feelings.

Make sure that you are overextended and do not suffer from a hidden depression

Depression is not always accompanied by obvious and clear signs of the apathy and bad mood. Often insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of strength lurks a hidden depression, which is not so easy to recognize not only others, but myself and the person suffering from it. Sometimes people live with hidden depression and not even know it, and it continues to grow and negatively affect the health and quality of life. If you constantly keep going over and over in my head negative thoughts and is like eating yourself from the inside – this may be the first sign of a latent depression. Needless to say that she is a threat to all your health. The world health organization predictsthat depression will soon become the second most feared disease after heart disease. So your continuing the cycle of bad thoughts and nesamoney inner critic can be the signals going to the psychologist.


Focus on the facts

You are going to an important meeting, but on the way get into the tube. To think: “How unlucky, usually it never jams, I’m now probably going to be late”, “I always have bad luck and I’m always late, for sure the chief will soon cease to suffer”, “I’m going to get fired,” “I expect problems, I’m a loser.” Although you are only seven minutes behind schedule…

To stop the spinning in my head this endless spiral of negativity, focus not on what could happen theoretically, and what is happening here and now, in fact. You’re late for a meeting. Does this mean that all other participants must arrive on time? Most likely, the majority of them get the same way and are in the same tube. Will there be a meeting with discussions on important issues? Most likely, the first few minutes everyone will just prepare and pour your own coffee. If you are late to this meeting is not a reason to fire you. Even if you get fired, life will not end and you will be able to find another job.

Unwound the tangle of negative thoughts in reverse, you are likely to realize that most of them – excessive self-criticism, unnecessary worries and devoid of base hypotheses.


Look at the situation from another point of view

To stop to imagine the unpleasant outcomes of hypothetical situations, try to learn to look at the situation from different sides. According to James Borg, a psychologist, business consultant of interpersonal communication, management and business development, as well as the author of the book “Power of thought” – the objective here is not to somehow see the situation something positive and bright, and analyze your inner dialogue, to understand his personal attitude to the problem in its roots.

If, for example, a fear of public speaking and before you take the floor, replaying the most frightening stories of the events, down to cascading from the audience of students and angry cries, try to consider your concerns on all sides. Then, perhaps, you will understand that fear is not to be in the spotlight one-on-one with the audience, and afraid not to please any particular person.


Think of how you would treat this in 10 minutes, 10 days and 10 years

One of the most effective ways to instantly deal with the attack of negative thoughts is to try to imagine how you will treat the situation after some time. Here you came late to the very meeting and missed the introductory part. Had to stand on a couple of disgruntled looks, to apologize and to try as soon as possible to join in the General discussion. You feel embarrassment and wonder how everyone else managed to avoid a traffic jam. But what will you feel in 10 minutes? Most likely, you’re already more relaxed. And in 10 days? No one will remember about your delay. What can we say about the 10-year period. This simple test problems with “durability” helps to assess the degree of importance of the problem and immediately discard the extra experience.

Take a deep breath

During daily stressful situations or even a prolonged depression , scientists recommend to be engaged in meditative breathing practices that help calm and relax the mind, freeing it from negative emotions. Meditation – the answer to most questions related to mental health. A regular meditation practice in the long run even help to reduce the risk of dementia. So, if you feel bad thoughts begin to overcome you, take a few deep breaths and spend a few minutes focusing exclusively on your breathing.


Give vent to emotions

According to research by the National science Foundation, every day in the mind of man sweeps from 12 000 to 60 000 different thoughts, with 95% of repetitive thoughts, on which we already reflected, and 80% negative. You can’t control your thoughts and your own reaction to them. Sometimes to give vent to emotions is the most affordable and effective way to overcome the negativity. Close the room and shout, allow yourself to cry, break a plate, go to the training in Boxing or shooting. Of course, today is especially appreciated by people who can control myself and control the emotions, but all the time to suppress them and to not hide that sooner or later they will still come out, but in a more dangerous form. So be sure to allow yourself to release emotions and negative energy out, but do it in “specially designated areas” – at home, in the office of the psychologist or the gym.

Don’t forget to take care of your mental health and give your mind the opportunity to rest and recover. State when any little thing can affect your mood, usually caused by strong emotions, stress, and General fatigue. Anxiety is normal, but if you notice a frequent tendency to excessive worries and vain self, first and foremost, give yourself to relax and not expend energy on thoughts that bring into your life one negative.