WOW!!!HOW TO DYE Pink/Purple Hair ??? #juliahair

Hi guys welcome back to my youtube channel today. I’M gon na show you how created this two-tone hair look using Ali Julia’s, hair 6:1 free straight Brazilian bundle? Ok, so the first things first is the bundles came blue lon, like completely blonde and when I’m dying here, I’d rather work with hair.

That looks like this. It’S just so much easier. The only thing about the le Julia hair is that they don’t have a friend tool, so I had to get a frontal from another supplier, but the bundles blended perfectly and works really well, so I got the hair in the LEM 24. 24. 24. Then I added my own 20 inch lace, one tool, so the first things first, is: I parted his hair.

Now this took me a few tries because I had to make sure that I got it dead in the middle. So once I was happy with the part, I then separated the hair into two different sections and began the dyeing process. Now the dye I use is the adore dyes in the color petal lavender, soft lavender and periwinkle.

I mix the two purple shades together and the two pink shades together in order to get the perfect pastel color, you have to put a lot of conditioner, so I mix the dye with a white conditioner guys. This is key. The conditioner has to be white, so I made sure to mix a lot more white conditioner than die. If you want the colors to be a lot stronger than you put more dive in conditioner.

If that makes sense, once I finished mixing the ball and I was happy with the color, I began traveling all over my head guys. I did not do this on that. My actual head, I have clingfilm, I wrapped around my head and my natural hair is protected. However, just for the purpose of the video I did show you guys it like this, but normally I do record it. I do it. I do die on a foam head again. My natural hair is covered and once the recording stops, I put this wig onto a foam head and finished a dyeing process like that. Then let this die sit for about 5 hours 6 hours. I went to sleep, woke up and then wash it out. So I literally left it yeah. This is the color that I go. I was pretty happy with the color, except for I wish I thought more lavender than heavy wink or periwinkle kinda came out. Looking a bit blue and lavender was at the bottom that looks like II.

I really like that, but all in all I was pretty happy with the hair. I got a little bit of periwinkle on the other side, but it’s okay. It’S okay! I then took my Mark Hill curling, one curling, my hair. This Mike Hill heat protector is amazing guys. I promise you it’s so good because it has holding spray in the heat protector, so it kind of holds your hair as it protects it. So cool right in terms of the actual hair, the hair dyed really really well again, as I said, I’ve got an extra frontal and it blended in really nicely as well.

I have no problem because of going in with four six one free hair is that you? Don’T have to go through, there were a lot of bleaching bleaching, your hair, and you get lots of shed in this head did not shed, obviously, because it was, it came already pretty blond, it was already blown and it had already been through all of that process And it bleached really really well, I do like this hair and I would a hunch the same use it again. All the information in the detail to the hair company will be down below in my description bar and yeah.

You can do this. Look with lots of different colors. I wanted to go purple and black. I feel like that, would like an epic cream or two shades of green guys. You could do so. Many different looks with this kind of hair, so make sure you get yourself some and Salette at this. Something. Thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye,