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Learn How Strategic Learning Work

We’ve considered how we learn, and focused on better ways to learn. Specifically, we’ve seen how essential motivation is for learning, and we’ve seen how useful a number of specific strategies can make learning more effective.

We suggest you revisit each of the short videos in this series and reflect on how you could make use of what we’ve been discussing. The key thing is to put aside your preconceived ideas and misconceptions about how we learn, and challenge yourself to try new ways of strategic learning that sometimes might well be counter-intuitive. Simply doing things the old way and what you’re comfortable with might actually be eventing you from reaching your full learning potential.

Applying some of these techniques will be a measure of your level of motivation; and we are sure, as you see the effectiveness, you’ll be able to be more motivated to push yourself. You will set new goals and achieve them. Then, your desire for more learning and success will increase.

We learn by remaining curious, and by exploring, discovering and experiencing the world And we have seen, we can enhance this curiosity by applying strategies to improve our learning.

Self-regulate your learning and make practice and purpose of repetition of your knowledge and skills part of your daily routine, both formally and informally. Test yourself and challenge yourself to learn and understand deeply.

Try spacing and interleaving as you learn and resist the temptation to cram the night before a test. For long term retention, you know that you can train your mind by spacing and interleaving material from different subjects. Remember to make connections between what you know and what you’re strategic learning. We make sense of the new information by placing it in the context of what we know.

Thus, we are constantly modifying our existing knowledge base. This in turn influences our behavior; and our behavior by its very nature generates new information that modifies our existing knowledge The cycle of learning shapes who we are.

Learning in a real world is the result of continuous interaction between us, other people and our surroundings Learning is therefore not just acquiring simple information about a topic; it involves building, sharing and developing our thinking with others.

Also, we learn better when we ensure our lifestyles and habits, such as getting a good night’s sleep, are conducive to maximizing our mental alertness and receptiveness. So, pull together everything we’ve presented in the series.

Try the different strategies and techniques. Look carefully at your actual learning performance rather than just how you feel you are learning, since they may be different. You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.

The ultimate outcome of strategic learning, whether it’s through formal or informal means, is to maximize your ability to flourish in the environment: at school or university, in the working world or in social life.

And that’s why you need to find and use the most effective ways for you to learn to learn better. .

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