SS 2in1 Small Business Mini Pulveriser : 743592 6060 : MULTIPURPOSE PULVERIZER

We have 3 different models of 2 in 1 heavy multipurpose pulverizers This is 2 HP single phase capacity approx 20 kg per hour 3 HP single phase capacity approx 30 kg per hour 5 HP 3 phase capacity approx 48 kg per hour There is mechanical difference between all three models. Differences are related to chamber size, hammer & liner size, electric motor capacity, weight, sieve size, and body structure. Accessories with 2in1 multi-purpose SS pulverizer includes: Flour container, container ring, microfine clothes, cleaning brush, cable, 8 different size sieves, masala and 4 anti-vibration knobs. 2hp and 3hp pulverizers are single face so we give ampere metre and MCB switch But 5 HP pulverizer is three phase so we give control panel with the machine MCB and Switch are also provided with the controller For operation instructions, you can watch out another DEMO video Let’s have a surrounding look 2in1 multipurpose SS pulverizer machine The cabinet is made of SS 202 heavy duty in mate finish So let’s see how to operate this machine Keep the regulator off an inside the chamber into the chamber as per your requirement Then close the chamber door Now turn on the machine and pour the grinding materials into hopper Open the regulator as clockwise direction.

Material inside the hopper will start entering the chamber This is 2 HP single phase 2 in 1 SS heavy duty pulverizer Its capacity is 20-25KG per hour There’s overload protection circuit inside the Machine which protect the electric motor In this machine you can grind all kind of grains like wheat, millet, rice, maize, ragi etc as well as sugar, coffee, dry leaves, turmeric (2 times), black paper, Chili etc For turmeric, you need to grind it twice. First in a large sieve and then in finer sieve. To see turmeric grinding, you can check our another video If you like this video then like it and share it Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel .

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