Best Free School Management Software Download

Best Free and Open Source School Management Software Download


What Is School Management Software?

School Management Software provides helps to manage students, teachers, classes, sections, fees, attendance marks and many more. School management softwares provides easy reports like CBSE-CCE, outstanding fees, marks, attendance etc.

These softwares focused on making life easy for school management staff. By using these softwares you can save money and time for management apart from organizing the school information.

School Time 

It is excellent school management software solution. It provides the system for a 3360-degree visibility and administration of your institution. It provides the multi-user support and provides access to all your stakeholders who get to see what they are expected.

It provides the support of multi-language and detects your preferred language and translates the entire application into your native language. It creates classes, section, batches, and tag students to these to automate your actual school planning. It allows you to create the flexible timetable for conducting classes in a planned manner.

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Fekara manages your school as you want, starting from admissions to attendance and exams to result in cards. It allows you to manage all elements of institution information system including students, courses, exams and teachers, employees.

It has the ability to manage all forms of educational institutes efficiently including- schools, college, universities, tuition Centers, training centres. It is a cloud-based school management software solution. You can access this software online on your phone, laptop, and computer.

Fekara’s pro version is Totally Free for non-profits, the basic version is free for all educational institutes

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TS School

TS School is extremely customizable school management software solution. It has the ability to create own report cards, invoices, statements, receipts, credit notes, purchase orders, reports, documents.

It suits all types of educational institutions. It offers a number of modules. The number of modules comes with a free edition of TS School.

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Fedena is a free and opensource school management software it has more than a student information system. You can use it to efficiently manage students, teachers, employees, courses & all the system and process related to your institution.

It is based on Ruby on Rails.It is supported various operating systems. You can install this software by following this link.

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AscendSMS is a modern, hosted platform for managing attendance, grades, conduct, health, lunch, parent communication and more at no cost to private, elementary schools.

It is good for schools who are looking for a streamlined alternative to the conventional over-engineered, high priced software packages. It is highly scalable and secure.

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openSIS is a secure, scalable & intuitive Student Information System from OS4ED. It comes in two edition – open source, professional. Open source edition is free of cost. It is customize-able and extended to fit specific industry verticals.

Its source code is available. OpenSIS is best suited for small and medium schools with a knowledgeable IT staff. You can watch the difference between open source and the commercial version at this link.

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Benefits of School Management System For Teaching

In recent years, in order to increase the competitiveness of schools, systematization is required from various viewpoints. In order to meet these needs, many schools have introduced or are considering introducing educational / student support systems. To increase the competitiveness of schools

“Improve the quality of education”
“ Improve the convenience of students / students”
“ Improve the efficiency of administrative work for staff”
is needed.
Here, I would like to introduce the specific benefits that can be obtained by introducing the teaching system.

Complex management tasks can be processed centrally

The biggest advantage of introducing a teaching system is that it can cover administrative tasks from recruitment and entrance examinations to graduation and employment.
For example, it is possible not only to handle all school administration such as entrance examination management, student ID management, course management, attendance management, grade management, certificate issuance, year renewal, but also to manage students through data linkage with the student portfolio. This contributes to the management of objectives and the improvement of scholastic ability, and also to the improvement of services for students.

In addition, since all complicated course rules can be converted into data, not only automatic judgment of course restrictions, but also the establishment of new courses, system changes, and curriculum revisions can be handled easily. In addition, procedures such as promotion and graduation can be processed in a batch. Furthermore, by changing parameters, it is possible to flexibly respond to changes in settings, systems, and plans, which has the advantage of greatly reducing operating costs.

Efficient processing by source input

Until the school system was introduced, the teachers had special knowledge backed by their long experience in curriculum, timetables, classroom assignments, grade recording, certificate issuance, tuition and scholarship brokerage, etc. I was thinking about various rules in my head and taking appropriate measures. In addition, faculty members managed attendance and examination results and grades in the Enma Book and submitted them to the office. Students registered for courses using mark sheets, etc., and managed the absence days in their own notebook.

By introducing the educational system, you can input the source. Source input is a mechanism that allows students, teachers, and staff to immediately use each other’s results as soon as they input data from their respective positions. It is reflected in the database at the same time as input and is realized by processing the data with various rules and logic.


・ Standardization and transparency of paperwork will proceed.
-Eliminating data transcription and double entry improves efficiency and eliminates errors caused by this.
・ You can always check the latest information and immediately know what to do next.
・ Processing that tends to concentrate at the end of the fiscal year will also be accumulated on a daily basis.

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