7 ways to spend a day off with the maximum benefit


Day off, an English equivalent of our off – the concept of designating one day off among working week. Usually we take time off when you have too much to do, you need to go somewhere or to get to some event or another important and substantial reason.

Rarely allows himself to take a day off during the week just to recharge and relax. And a very good reason. In addition to the ncie ntific proven benefit of doing nothing for creativity, these “fasting” days beneficial effect on the functioning of the brain and nervous system. We have collected some of nice and useful employments, for which you should take a day off.

Go to the library

Today we seldom take up a paper book, not to mention the fact to go to a regular library. And publications, in contrast to electronic media, allowing it to better absorb the material. During recent studies it was identified that reading text printed on paper. We lose the chronology and spatial images in the described events than reading the same story with e-book or smartphone.

Also in the library you can find rare copies of books, or come across a publication on the subject, which wasn’t even thinking, and discover a new hobby. Modern library is a comfortable and well-designed space, which is really nice to be with cafes, interesting events and unique community.


Have a movie marathon

View several episodes of the new series, have a marathon of movies favorite Director or a whole day of watching a movie on a certain subject, for example, study psychology or learn more about nutrition. In addition to entertainment and education, in house movies can bring benefits for other aspects of life.

There is even a method of psychological treatment with the help of cinema. When we watch movies, we identify ourselves with the characters on the screen, thinking about their own beliefs, values generated, diverted and revised attitude to their problems.

Organize a family dinner

To come on a weekday to my parents or my grandmother to call all my relatives to him and to prepare any interesting dish is the perfect way to enjoy an unscheduled day off. Besides families, where regular meals – the usual thing, more tend to eat properly and adequately, and in such families is less risk of obesity in children. So family dinners are not only pleasant, but useful tradition.

Turn off all gadgets

Even if you think that you are without a phone will not be able to get through the day is to believe in themselves and to try to give yourself 24 hours of silence. Scientists have foundthat during the rejection of the gadgets even most dependent users are experiencing a longing for the phone only the first time. Previously it was thought that digitaldetox in such cases can lead to mood swings, anxiety and melancholy. But in the course of the study subjects, abandoning smartphones for 24 hours, has not experienced any jumps in the mood nor the feelings of anxiety. So to overcome the dependency on the phone at least one day – quite a feasible task.


Go to the bath

Regular trips to the bath is useful for the cardiovascular system, improve skin condition and reduce the risk of dangerous respiratory diseasessuch as pneumonia or asthma. If you do not have such good habits, day off can become an opportunity to start to go to the bath regularly. But before going into the steam room make sure that you have no contraindications, and follow the rules of stay in the bath: do not bathe on an empty stomach or after a hearty dinner, will also be excluded from use alcohol. Directly in the steam room should hold no more than 15 minutes, but if you rarely go to steam – the first is enough for five to seven minutes.

Rearrange the furniture in the house

Rearrange the furniture – an affordable way to change the view of familiar things, to stimulate lateral thinking and to cheer yourself up. Moreover, this simple change can trigger more meaningful changes in the life of: rearranging the furniture in the house, you erase from the consciousness of habits that were formed with you for a long time and moved into the category of automatic actions, and make the brain more efficient to focus and generate new solutions.


Embark on a horse ride

Rarely on the weekends it is possible to allocate a whole day for a new entertainment – for example, horse riding. If you want to take a day off in the middle of the week, but have not yet decided what to do this afternoon, feel free to go to ride horses. First, on weekdays will be less willing and you will be able to enjoy exercise in a more comfortable environment, and second, horseback riding is a great way to get rid of daily stress, and thirdly, the riding can replace a workout in the gym. Horse riding is an efficient alternative to aerobics and muscle training of the legs, back and the press without undue stress on the joints and spine.

Unscheduled weekend the week – a pleasant and useful gift to yourself. Allow yourself to take such time off and to spend it as a day off, do not try to redo everything and do not strain. Such breaks will not only benefit you, but your work: the next day you will be back to business as usual are full of energy and enthusiasm.