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I will show you how to register request from incoming phone calls in super office service let’s show you how to register a new request a customer Maria Burton from global echo calls in reporting a printing problem first you need to look her up in service we do this by clicking on the customer section in the Navigator menu in the drop-down menu begin the type Maria’s name in the search field while you type the search results will start to narrow down click on the search result with her name this will open Maria’s contact screen here you can see all Maria’s registered requests and their statuses to register her recent printing problem click on the actions button on the right hand side and choose the new quick request option in the new quick request screen there are a few fields to fill out for the title of this request will write printing problem we will choose the category type support in the message field you can write a short summary of what happened and what you did for the customer this can be valuable for future reference when finished click the ok button in the request screen that will appear you can see that Maria’s new request has the status open since we successfully solved Maria’s printing problem we will set the status to closed to get back to the contact screen we click on Maria’s name here you can see that the newly registered request printing problem is now recorded in the request history for Maria we have now shown you how to register requests from incoming phone calls in super office service registering requests will help your company provide better customer service for more help please go to our community site or to the help menu and super office



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