HtG inspires: @vrnqd


“Hi! My name is nick, I’m 21. I teach Japanese and English, traveling and lead a lifestyle blog on Instagram, says about himself nick Domanchuk, new heroine of our regular column “HtG inspiring.” Over the past two years nick managed to live in three countries – Russia, Japan and Canada, and on the map of her travels has 29 countries. In her blog, she shares a small travel notes, stories about life in St. Petersburg, their images and, of course, endless love for coffee. And in an interview with How to Green Nika said, the ticket to which country she would like to have right now to what dish is it can not keep away and about the film, which greatly influenced it.

“Instagram” for me…

First and foremost, an endless inspiration, the opportunity to meet interesting people and projects and to share a part of his life.

My every morning starts with…

With a glass of water with lemon and a couple of songs from your favorite morning playlist – without them can not imagine beginning their day.

Always be form to help me…

Hiking, get them a huge burst of energy and try every day to pass no less than 12-15 km. Sports and I have a complicated relationship, I’m usually lazy and can’t motivate yourself regularly to do something, but I really want the autumn to try something new for yourself, such as Barre or hot stretching, or return to swimming.

Junk food, which I can’t resist.

All sorts of pastries and chocolate – to me is not close at Bay!

Favorite healthy dish.

Bowl with quinoa, avocado, beets, and tofu – cook it at home and don’t know what could be tastier. And actually I love avocado in all its manifestations!

Harmony for me is…

When you do not want to change anything around yourself as if it is a puzzle of small pieces of life. Very happy that lately you feel this harmony more and more: it means I’m moving in the right direction.

If I could give one single advice on how to be healthy, it would be the Council…

Listen to your body and feelings and to always make choices in their favor.

Strange habit.

It is not strange, but rather cute: every day on the way from home to smile at myself in the mirror and wish for a good day.

The flaw that bothers me in all things.

Habit to postpone important decisions and perform important tasks. I really want to learn more intelligently and efficiently allocate time and not feel the stress of approaching deadlines. And I don’t know how to dress for the weather and because of this suffering and cold.

What I really want right now?

To buy tickets to the autumn of Berlin and drink a Cup of coffee on the veranda of your favorite coffee shop.

I find inspiration in…

Traveling! I am very uncomfortable to stay in one place, so every month I try to go somewhere – even if sometimes briefly and close. Travel is the best way to change the situation, to see how people live in other cities and countries, get inspired and return home with new energy and ideas.

The “green” way of life for me is…

What I gradually go. Trying every day to do a little more for our planet and learn from those who have it better than me.

The place that is most visited.

Now this coffee shop Coffee Character – for me it has become a family, there are all of meeting friends, then I’m a large part of their language lessons and it is recommended to visit all lovers of delicious coffee (and not only), visiting St. Petersburg. And on weekends, the guys make great breakfasts (my favorite – Berlin toast with salmon) and bake incredibly tasty Swedish cinnamon rolls.

The secret to a good friendship.

Trust each other and respect personal space and boundaries, the ability to listen and respect the opinion of your boyfriend/girlfriend, which can sometimes differ from your own.

For a complete happiness I need…

To get a genuine pleasure from chatting with every person in my life and everything I do.

Teaching is my element, because…

I feel incredible pride for themselves as teachers and for their students to watch their progress and successes. That’s my biggest motivation to move on and develop in this area.

The movie that turned my mind.

I watched it recently, it’s “Give me liberty” by Kirill Mikhanovsky – incredibly heartfelt and warm picture, with thought-provoking about life values and priorities.

The book that I would recommend to everyone.

Trilogy Haruki Murakami “1Q84” – it seems to me, with the work of this writer is acquainted to all and especially to those who are interested in Japan and Japanese culture.