(music) TB: So what’s gonna happen on the count of three you’re gonna feel a pinch and a sting. P: Mm-hmm. TB: When I count to three one, two, three, the best thing to do is just push your heel straight down into the chair when you feel the sting. P: Okay. TB: Okay? Okay, so I’m just gonna wipe down the area, with a little bit of alcohol and I said on three you just push your heel straight down into the chair. Okay, you ready? P: Mm-hmm. TB: Here we go one, two, three. You okay? P: I’m good. TB: You didn’t even flinch! Oh my gosh! P: I told you I’ve been to twelve sessions with the is a blister. TB: Oh my gosh, you even flinch! You’re not human Any pain right now or just pressure? P: I think I’m feeling the numbness now. TB: Okay. P: It’s okay. TB: You okay? P: Mm-hmm. P: Where do you live? TB: Mississauga. I was born and raised here so this is what I know.

How about you? P: Just right there. TB: Any pain right now? P: No, no. TB: So where’s this guy go to school, the young boy. P: Right there, down the street. TB: Okay. Any pain? P: No. TB: And how about over here? Anything here? P: No. TB: Very good. So making sure you were numb. TB: Okay. P: You say you’re gonna burn it after right,? TB: Yeah, we’re gonna burn it; the whole shebang. Okay, all done. So camera is on and I’ll put on the good gloves and then off we go. P: Okay. TB: So during the procedure, you should not feel anything sharp. If you feel something sharp, you let me know. P: Okay. TB: So I’m just gonna wake down the area with the antibacterial wipe. So like I said before, pressure is normal, but you should not feel anything sharp. P: Yeah, I can feel that you are touching me but that’s it. TB: Okay. How about you, where are you from in the Philippines? P: Manila. TB: Oh, a city boy! P: Classy! TB: And have you brought him back home? P: Two times now.

TB: And what did he say about it? P: He likes the food. (P talking to son): Don’t eat too much candy. P: He likes it except for the mosquitoes. TB: Are there a lot of mosquitoes? P: Oh my gosh! Everywhere you go there’s always mosquitoes! That’s the killer there. There’s no mosquitoes here. TB: But down there they’re real mosquitoes! P: They smell the blood. TB: You know what they say, they say, “Look at this foreign blood!” P: The funny thing is they don’t like I don’t I didn’t get bitten any. Maybe I got immune! You know well because I was raised there right. Like I just know moved here 8 years ago, TB: Wow, and how’s it been? P: It’s good. Family, raising family. It’s not bad. TB: I’m happy to hear. That’s awesome. I wish my dad taught me Ilocano or Tagalog but… P: Ilocano is your language, right? TB: Yeah. P: I’ve got lots of friends there. TB: Really? P: Because they live in Baguio. You know Baguio? TB: I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know where. P: There was a company there that I worked for for a few months and most of my friends are from Pangasinan.

TB: And what’s nice in Pangasinan? P: The beaches, man. TB: That’s what I hear, the beaches, but I always heard that you know, there’s like a rice farming place. P: They they have this surfing capital in that region and that’s in that (?) And then the food, man! Cuz it’s, your place is very famous because of the (?) The church a famous church. TB: I didn’t even know that. P: Yeah, people always go there, once in a while, but oh all the time, man, it’s always busy there. They serve good food, man. TB: Well, what’s your favorite Filipino food then what do you make down here? P: I cook my own. TB: Sorry, sorry, I can’t help you now, man. Oh, we’ll be done soon. P: Don’t worry about it. You can use my phone. Can I borrow it? Boy: Can I borrow it? P: Give it to me. TB: So warts all out. I’m just cleaning up the area now. P: So is it big? TB: It was pretty big.

It was a wide spot. So now just making sure we clean everything up nice and then I apply a little electricity like they do back home kill everything. P: That’s what they do too. That’s what they do on my first one here on my hand. They injected…. (P talks with son) P: Sorry, man. TB: That’s okay. I know I know you have to look after himself and at least you know, he’s safe out there so.

Do you have anyone else in here living in a Mississauga or family down here? P: My sister is here, my uncle is here. But my I still have family back home and my brother and my sister is there and my mom and dad are there. TB: Do they want to come down here or are they happy? P: They don’t like it here, it’s too so systematic here, man, like, you know people there hang around. Oh, oh you haven’t seen it but you know Here you don’t see people a lot of outside. Back home a lot of people to chat with. TB: Yeah, I know. It’s more social. P: Yeah, I mean… TB: Well, you know what they got nothing else to do. They’re gotta hang out.

P: The time is too slow. This here is fast paced, right? Everything is planned here. Not over there. TB: Okay. So hold on. So what we’re gonna do is apply an electricity now. P: Okay. TB: Then acid, and then we’re all done P: Okay. (music) TB: That’s why the moment I finished school I’ve been pretty much on my own. P: Okay. TB: He let me be from the.. P: But is a good start though. You have your like customer from your dad. TB: Yeah, I agree. P: So it’s not like you’re starting from zero to build up because you’re starting to get clients. I found you in the Internet.

TB: That’s awesome. There are a lot of people find us online. P: Mm-hmm. You know Yelp? I found you on Yelp. TB: So I’m just gonna remove the tourniquet. P: Okay. TB: So you’re gonna feel a little bit of a thing tingling in the foot. And that’s normal You feel the tingling? P: Not at all. TB: No? P: The blood is rushing? TB: The blood is rushing back. So we’re just gonna leave this on for tonight and then tomorrow you can… P: I can remove it? TB: Yes, if it bleeds through, you can just take this off and then redress it. P: Okay. TB: That way you can… P: So I can remove the bandage tomorrow morning? TB: Tomorrow morning. P: And how will I cover it? TB: I’m gonna give you new gauze, new band-aids, new wrap, everything.

P: Okay. TB: Okay? P: Okay. all done TB: All done. P: All done! .

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