How to make BUBBLE GUM tea (loose leaf tea)


So you wan na make a tea. It tastes like bubblegum. Well, I can’t blame you so I’ll show you how to do that using just two green loose leaf  tea, it’s quick!

It’s easy and it’s gotta taste real, good yeah. I don’t think we should give away tea recipe. Oh, come on, stop yeah! Just do so to make this delicious tea.

What you need are a milky oolong and a silver needle white tea, and that is it all. You need the main key for making this tea taste. Anything like bubblegum is proportions.

What you want is four grams of the milky Illume and just one gram of the Silver Needle white tea. Now to wait these days, you might use it and see the scale that you have at home.

But if you don’t worry and use this coffee or teaspoon, okay anywhere, most people have them for usually when you just fill it to the top. It’S about 5 grams of pie, chart kind of popsicle, don’t do what I did.

I just want to scoop. It out from the bag, spread it all over the floor and a table yeah well like that’s it four grams of milky bloom, one gram of the Silver Needle it is a hundred meddlers got one now.

If you want to do it in a teapot, you need a four hundred milliliter teapot and if you brew it in a teapot, don’t do it longer than two minutes. It’S all about two minutes, but in this guy one and it’s got one which I recommend it will be better tasting. Trust me to wait just 20 seconds. Mmm adds up tasted, bubblegum tea and healthy to no artificial flavors.

It was quick and it was easy. You might even say you brought up the bean, but Abu and do you smell hey, you promised me chocolate hey come on. Where is it give it? Oh good! Chocolate! Hey! Oh, wait! I don’t! This will go great with the chocolate cake. Oh yeah,


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