Steeped Tea – How to make loose leaf tea with Gaiwan

Hello, do you drink tea. If so, do you use a Gaiwan ?

What is a Gaiwan? Well, this is a Gaiwan. Used mostly in tea ceremonies, originated from china during the Ming dynasty in 1368… *muffled sound* I’ts a bowl you make a tea in ! And it’s glorious ! Well how would you make a tea in a Gaiwan ?

First you have to get your hands on some good loose leaf tea. The higher quality the better. But don’t worry you can find decent quality tea for acceptable price. Hm-hm-hm-hm …

If YOU can FIND ONE! Let’s continue by placing tea leave into the Gaiwan. Today I’ll be using some Bai-mu-dan white tea. Mmm-mmm-mmmm! But how much do I add to this? Well, depends on the type of tea and the size of the Gaiwan, but general rule is 5g of leaf to 100ml of water.

If you are interested in tea brewing details I’ll leave a link in description, so you can become a tea brewing master yourself. Or at least a grasshopper. Now, where was I ? mmm lets add water to the Gaiwan. *Pouring water*

Now wait for twenty seconds. Grip your Gaiwan like you’re about to claw somebody. Like this. And pour it into a larger vessel. Chinese call it a Gong dao bei.

Also know as the fairness cup. Hm hm hmm… This will be fair. Then pour it in tea cups of your choice. And enjoy your tea ! Aaaah! Repeat steeping tea until it looses taste or fallow the guide in the description.

If you fallowed me, the you just preformed a tea ceremony also known as Gong fu… …sounds like Kung fu. This way of steeping tea is most enjoyable, trust me, you should try it yourself ! And see how easy that was.. You know what else is easy ? Subscribing to our channel.

So do it now ! Just do it !.

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