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You know when you feel the sickness coming on. Sometimes you might take something prophylactically like a zinc Lodge and for a cold. Is there anything we could be doing right now we don’t feel sick, but is there something we could do to kind of boost our immune system?

There are things you can do it. I think it’s important not just physically but mentally cuz. We can’t do people so instead of sitting back waiting for bad things to happen. Let’S take practice steps so today, what should you do? Fruits and vegetables Pro does make a huge difference. They enhance their immune response. Vitamin d3, which you get from the Sun, but when it’s a little warmer that’ll be easy for all of us.


For most of us, the northern part of the country, taking some vitamin d3 about 1200 international units, a day’s wise. You know what to get in the flu shots smart cos that way. If you feel ill, you know it’s not the flu most likely yeah so possible, not now Pro. If you do feel ill. What do you do? Zinc is a great idea. You mentioned it earlier. Vitamin C, but you got ta, take vitamin C twice a day, because it’s get wash this out of your system pretty quickly.

Beta glucan for mushrooms works, an elderberry which is an older solution, has been shown to shorten the duration of illness. If you already have feeling icky coming down with something but take action, be proactive and recognize that we’re the firewall, especially the younger, healthier members of society, if we’re healthy, we can’t pass it to the older folks that John just mentioned are at higher risk yeah. We were just wondering I mean Hoda now.


What am I supposed to visit my mom and a couple weeks? Should I not go visit her if she’s in that category of people man, if you’re over the age of 60, with a chronic illness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, past cancer, etc, you’re at more risk you’re, the one who could get in the trouble – and it happens pretty quickly?

So since you’re, in a public session, where you exposed a lot of folks, I would think twice about visiting until we know more about how this virus is handled. In the meantime, things that do make sense. It’S still like savings messes with our sleep and sleep is critically important to our immune system.

I’M washing your hands and your fingers. Do the Turkish twist wash it down pretty effectively and sanitize surfaces, then don’t just wipe them down briskly cuz that just spreads the virus. You got to get it wet so spray it or put the wipe out long enough to keep the surface wet so that as it dries, it kills off.

The viruses we have a one sheet, we’ll put around the day, show comm site. I know I gave a lot of information quickly. Take this uses post in your fridge and share people. You love especially older friends. Actually I thank you. You

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