Good to know: Is it worth it? Weighted sleep masks.

Time for your good to know segment this morning are you a light sleeper who has tried everything to get a good night’s rest yes covering your eyes with your hands it’s not practical a pillow over the face too hard to breathe and sleep masks don’t always block out all the light.

So how about a product that combines the best of them it looks pretty bizarre but this is a weighted sleep mask Tiffany Craig shows us how it works to move over-weighted blanket there’s a product just for your papers this weighted sleep mask is called a nod pod and I got it in yellow let’s go talk to Jessica about it.

So Jessica Ligon use the mask for five nights what is it like under there it is dark this is um got a little weight to it so it doesn’t really feel like it’s gonna shift around that weight is supposed to be calming it’s filled with microbeads and this side that I have it on right now is a cool side it’s a jersey knit and this top side is a fleece the nod pod can also secure around your head you know like a headband but Jessica doesn’t move much at night if you are a back sleeper or if you’re a side sleeper.

It’s worth it this is right up her alley I mean she normally sleeps with a pillow over her head I felt like this is exactly what I needed what if I told you it was $29.99 I would so think that’s a great deal you can find the sleep mask online at Etsy.

I’ve wasted so much money trying to find the perfect you were saying with things like pressing against your face like that I like that one of those and I just constantly think about it because I find that if I go to bed at 9 o’clock at night like the idea and I wake up at 2 o’clock in the morning and I do that like 3 days in a row there’s no problem to go to bed earlier to get it all night sleep to keep if any wait am I awake until 9:00 that’s full night’s sleep I’m sure really you got.

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