Delicious fruited cheese mold salad recipe

Fruited cheese mold salad recipe ingredients and method of making written below:


fruited cheese mold salad


Ingredients of cheese mold salad recipe

Approx. yield: 25 servings

1. 6-ounce lemon flavored gelatin.
2. 6-ounce strawberry flavored gelatin.
3. 1-quart boiling water.
4. 1-quart cold water.
5. 1/2 teaspoon salt.
6. 3 cups cottage cheese, small curd, drained.
7. 3 cups fruit cocktail, canned, drained
8. 1/4 cup lemon juice.


Method of making cheese mold salad recipe

1. Dissolve the lemon gelatin in 1 pint of the hot water. Add 1 pint of the cold water and the salt and stir.

2. Refrigerate until it begins to thicken. Fold in the drained cottage cheese.

3. Fill individual molds half full and refrigerate.

4. aDtiessuonlvteil the strawberry gelatin in the remaining pt. of hot water. Add the remaining pt. of cold water and the lemon juice and stir.

5. Refrigerate until it begins to thicken. Fold in the drained fruit cocktail.

6. Pour the fruit mixture over the firm layer in the individual molds.

7. Refrigerate until firm.


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