What Is Call Center Software (2021)

if you want to know more about what exactly call center software is then you have come to the right video in this video I will cover what exactly call center software is and go over the main features that call center software needs to have let’s get started.

So what is call center software is more than something that connects agents to customers.

It’s a system that contains many features designed to support every aspect of a contact center maybe you are doing inbound calls or maybe outbound calls or a combination of both as many call centers do call center software can help you streamline your customer.

Support, in order to provide good service contact centers, don’t only focus on phone calls but also on many other kinds of support this means you can manage all communication from one platform creating a seamless customer experience before only larger companies had the capability and space to set up physical hardware to create a call center software-based solutions.

Enable smaller companies and those without fixed offices to host virtual call centers as well as reducing the upfront cost for on-site centers too let’s take a look at some of the main features of call center software when deciding on which call center software to choose you to need to weigh up what features are on offer and how they would benefit you while an all-in-one solution sounds great it might be costly.

If you don’t actually need everything it offers one interactive voice responses are a staple of any contact center inbound callers are usually greeted by automated responses these responses could include an acknowledgment of the call and an estimated wait time attempted redirection to the website the ability to customize a prompt menu is particularly helpful for rooting calls as it allows the caller to narrow down the department in advance of being connected this is useful.

If you have a single phone number but can also be used for smaller departments too as different agents might have different specialisms two skill-based calls routing some systems will auto route call based on the quickest available agent?

But skills-based call routing is often more efficient long term good contact center software will allow you to implement this strategy with more data the dialed number caller details and responses can be used to assign the call to a relevant agent three voicemail unless you’re running a 24-hour contact center.

There will be times when no agents are available a good system should be able to route to voicemail or an external call center if you have a contract with one as well as routing call center software should provide voicemail management you should be able to customize the greeting and choose how you want to receive notifications email notifications can be helpful here especially when voicemails are left for a particular extension 4.

CRM integration customer relationship management software is equally important and call center software should be able to integrate with it rather than manually transferring data between the two integration allows you to make the best use of all your customer data this is particularly helpful.

If you have a ticketing system regular callers with particular needs awful coloring services when you have centers in multiple locations it can also be helpful for predictive and automated dialing using a data set already gathered for an outbound campaign.

5. cloud-based calling with working from home becoming more common you need your solution to be able to accommodate a remote workforce call center software that is cloud-based avoids reliance on on-site servers and infrastructure allowing your workers to access it anywhere cloud-based calling also allows you to scale much more effectively than a physical phone system.

There are advantages for internal communications here too a cloud contact center can enable conferencing between remote workers regardless of their hardware or location.

6. outbound campaign management if you have ongoing call campaigns you’ll want a solution that helps with this there are two key features that are worth looking at here click to call and automatic dialing click to call is rather than having to type in every number you want to call and double-check for accuracy you can simply click and it will dial for you automatic dialing takes this one step further simply calling the next number from an assigned list as soon as an agent finishes a call.

These features save your sales team a lot of time and are worth considering if outbound calls will be your focus.

7. Call recording in order to ensure you’re providing a top-tier customer experience you might want to have call recording in place this allows you to go back over difficult calls to check the details on how something was resolved as well as letting you do quality checks on a regular basis call recording can be used in other ways too taking sample recordings can make your training much more effective and a detailed analysis of recordings can provide valuable business insights eight supervisor tools.

One way to get the best out of your customer support team is to have empowered supervisors a call center solution with a suite of supervisor tools is a great way to do this as it encourages real-time responses and help some tools to look out for inclusion in the next video I will show you the best call center software at the moment I will compare and review the best call center software on the market so make sure to watch that video.

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