Delicious cranberry snow salad recipe

Delicious cranberry snow salad recipe

Cranberry snow salad recipe ingredients and method of making written below:


Cranberry snow salad recipe


Ingredients of cranberry snow salad recipe

Approx yield: 25 servings

1. 1 cup cherry gelatin powder
2. 1 cup lemon gelatin powder.
3. 1 quart boiling water.
4. 1 pint cold water.
5. 1 pound can whole cranberry sauce.
6. 1 whole orange, ground medium.
7. 3 tablespoon plain granulated gelatin, unflavored.
8. 1 pint orange juice.
9. 1 pint mayonnaise.
10. 1 pint sour cream.

Method of making cranberry snow salad recipe

1. Soften the unflavored gelatin in the orange juice. Heat over hot water until gelatin is thoroughly dissolved. Let cool.

2. Blend in the mayonnaise and sour cream.

3. Pour into individual molds. until about half full. Refrigerate until firm.

4. Dissolve the cherry and lemon gelatin in the boiling water.

5. Add the cold water and stir.

6. Grind the whole orange on the food
salads a grinder. Use the medium chopper plate. Blend with the whole cranberry sauce.

7. Stir the cranberry orange mixture into the cherry lemon gelatin mixture. Blend thoroughly

8. Pour over the firm gelatin, completing the filling of the molds. Refrigerate until firm.

9. Unmold bottom side up and serve on crisp salad greens.


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