Cold Remedy Tea with Turmeric Ginger Honey Citrus | HONEYSUCKLE

When the weather gets cold, I often feel like I’m about to hit the dart, So I always make “ Honey Orange Lemon Turmeric Tea” to drink. Let me hurry.

It tastes much better than the cough syrup sold by the pharmacy and it’s really useful Then teach everyone how to do it Remember to subscribe to my snapchat and instagram Cut 2 small lemons into thin slices and place in a large bowl. I will pick out the seeds because I do nt want to see it in the tea ~ Citrus contains a lot of vitamin C which can improve immunity. Lemon can slow the symptoms of cold virus. Sputum volume will also decrease.

Then I will cut a orange thinly slice it and put it in a big bowl together.

I also keep the skin because it has natural essential oils to help boost immunity And can enhance the flavor. Next. I will pick a piece of ginger about 2 inches in size and mash. It Add all the mashed ginger to a large bowl Ginger can soothe throat discomfort after coughing. The next material is a little rare, but it s really super useful. I added a teaspoon of turmeric powder, which can be filled in the grocery store Since ancient times some people used turmeric in traditional Chinese medicine to eradicate the state of infection and inflammation. You can consider the amount of turmeric powder. According to your situation.

It is really super strong. Finally, I will add about 230CC of unprocessed organic honey, which is the most original, And it s very, nutritious and effective for cough Honey also contains amino acids, which can help sleep and give you a good rest When all the ingredients are ready.

Stir well Then find a glass jar and honey will make these citrus fruits release moisture, and then it will look like syrup.

The first time I tried this hand-made soothing, tea was when my cold was severe. My mother made it for me Added lemon, rosemary and honey. Rosemary is also very useful for treating cough, but I want to try ginger and turmeric, so I chose this recipe this time. When I am not comfortable, I will dig a teaspoon of soothing tea Heating water to drink. It is not only delicious.

I can also feel The feeling of honey throat makes me feel more comfortable. Have you made similar soothing teas? Do you think it works Share it with me in the message section below do nt forget to subscribe me.