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Hey guys Trudi here from It’s the TruStory, and today – well today it’s rainy and crappy in Los Angeles and cold for us and that feels really mean for me to say because wherever you are it might be literally freezing cold and so everyone’s getting sick and so I’m just here to give you a really quick tip about the kind of tea you have to drink to feel better and let me just preface this by saying as a child the tea my mom gave me which was always so comforting and great had milk in it and sugar. And like milk and sugar are like two of the things that you don’t want in there – especially the milk part – because mucus and…

I just said “mucus”- that’s like moist; it’s like right up there as a horrible word. Anyways so really quickly this is all you’re gonna need my personal recommendation is to stick with teas that really have ingredients that are known to help you or at least on a folk level it’s not gonna cure anything it’s gonna make your symptoms feel a little bit better so I would say guys either go with a nice green tea – delightful- or my personal favorite is this kind of throat coat because it’s got all sorts of ingredients like slippery elm (that sounds dirty in a weird way) but that’s really good for your throat and licorice and all sorts of yummy things and it tastes good too.

Then you’re also gonna want to use honey; delicious raw unfiltered honey and bonus you guys and this is maybe for my people in the West Coast where it’s already warm and it’s already allergy season -if it’s a local honey it will help your allergies. And then also a double secret ingredient it’s apple cider vinegar. Now this is really good for so many things but where it helps a cold is it it creates an alkaline environment in your body so that it can kick some bacteria ass… and I think that all bacteria have asses, so that’s a really good thing.

So really quick and easy you guys because you know how to make tea right? So you just take your teabag – I have it all prepared – and your favorite mug – I also have my favorite mug prepared. And you just add the hot water right so nice steamy beautiful hot water. Now you’re gonna want to look that steep for a little while and while you’re getting all ready you’re gonna do a tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar and then I don’t know like a teaspoon or so of the honey you know honey’s delightful so you be you- you do your honey thing, and I’m gonna do my honey thing and that’s it.

Let that steep and I would let it steep for like usually like tea bags will tell you a couple minutes, like, let it sit there for like 3-4 minutes and then when you’re all done your beautiful tea will be ready for you. I’m gonna give my tea a little taste it’s kind of tart, and it’s kind of sweet and it’s delicious and I’m not sick right now but I feel like if I were this would totally be the cure.

And speaking of that the cure for the common bordem would be subscribing to my YouTube channel so if you haven’t done that yet do you please do it and I’m here every first and third Thursday of the month so I want to thank you guys and I want to say if you don’t feel well, feel better, drink some tea this is your mother speaking and if you’re feeling good and it’s cold outside drink some tea cuz it feels so nice but I’ll see you later.

Bye! you.

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