Best Free Asset Management Software Download

Best Free Asset Management Software Download

Asset management software mostly used to balance costs, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of assets, to achieve organizational goal. These tools also track the financial, contractual and inventory details of the organizations. It is used to manage tangible assets such as buildings and to intangible assets such as human capital, intellectual property, goodwill and financial assets.

Let see some of the excellent asset management software solutions.

IT Asset Tool

asset management software - it asset

OS:  Window

IT Asset Tool is a powerful free software to inventor and monitors your network. This easy approach allows operating without installation in a short time. With an essential interface, IT Asset Tool inventors all windows hosts including their software and hardware features. An efficient engine of reporting allows generating a large number of analyses. IT Asset Tool is an independent Software created for a specific requirement of network control. This software is free also for commercial use, in order to let a huge part of people know the program as a symbol of quality and simplicity of use.

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asset management software- snipe it

OS: Linux, Windows, Mac

Snipe-IT is a free and open source IT asset management software solution. It is built in PHP on Laravel 5.2 and Bootstrap 3. It is a web-based software solution. It is run on a web server and accessed through a web browser. It runs on any Mac OSX, a flavor of Linux, as well as Windows. It is also supported, Docker. It provides the features to see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location and provides email alerts for expiring warrantees. It provides the facility to easily import and export assets. It allows custom report facility to their users.

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asset management software - itdb


ITDB is an asset management web-based software solution. This tool is used to store information about assets found in office environments, with a focus.
ITDB comes with sources and is distributed under the GNU Public license. It is supported SQLite3 database and PHP,PHP5 languages. It supported multiple tags for items and software. You may use tags for grouping according to usage, budget, owner, importance, etc. It also provides the support of One click backup. It provides the features of translation. You can use your own translation.

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ManageEngine AssetExplorer

asset management software - asset explorer

OS: Windows, Linux

ManageEngine AssetExplorer is agentless web-based IT Asset Management (ITAM) software solution. It helps users to monitor and manage assets in the network from Planning phase to disposal phase. AssetExplorer provides the facility to ensure discovery of all the assets in your network. AssetExplorer is very easy to install and works right out of the box. ManageEngine AssetExplorer scans all Windows and Linux workstations, and other network devices such as printers, routers, and switches. The scan provides details about installed hardware and software. It provides the benefits to managing the complete IT Asset lifecycle, track Purchase Orders, and Contracts etc.

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Asset Panda

asset management software - asset panda

Asset Panda optimizes your IT department by streamlining the process of tracking, managing, and supporting your IT asset tracking needs while simplifying every task related to them. Closing the loop between all the departments you service, Asset Panda seamlessly connects each asset to an appropriate action. It is easy to access the asset information they need. It provides the support of the unlimited user. It makes data relevant and contextual. Organize data by location, category or any number of fields. It is most flexible and customizable system in the industry for tracking and managing your assets. It provides the support of custom API’s.

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