What are the advantages and disadvantages of call center system

This page introduces the advantages and disadvantages of call center system in terms of operational efficiency and introduction barriers.

Benefits of introducing a call center system that improves efficiency and improves quality

There are three main advantages of introducing a call center system.

Reduce the burden on operators and site managers

In the case of a call center that is not systematized, the operations of individual operators cannot be managed in real time. If you are communicating with a customer who has communicated multiple times, it will take time and effort just to retrieve the history.

On the other hand, if a call center is systematized, you can exchange customer information in real time, and you can also automate telephone allocation so that operator operations are averaged. As a result, on-site managers can streamline staff management and focus on customer management from a comprehensive perspective .

Contributes to cost reductions such as communication costs and labor costs

The call center system can automatically distribute incoming calls and respond with automatic voice. In addition, dialing when contacting customers can be done from the screen, which can greatly reduce the operator’s work and shorten the call time. As a result, communication costs and labor costs can be reduced.

Improve service quality by creating a shared manual for scripts

By gathering customer interactions in a database and analyzing the contents, it is possible to maintain call-response quality that does not depend on individual operator skills . If a similar transaction is made manual based on a database, the service quality can be improved uniformly.

Following are the disadvantages of call center system

The call center system is not without its disadvantages. It happens mainly early.

  • Initial installation cost is required
  • The burden on operators and managers increases during the period until they get used
  • It takes time to establish an operation optimized for the company’s business.


However, these can happen when any system is introduced, and if there are problems in call center operations at present, it may be the end of the fall that makes these disadvantages barriers to introduction. In addition, since costs vary depending on the scale and functions, it is also important to identify services that are suitable for your company.

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