7 reasons to enroll in a foreign language

The last couple of decades has given us a lot of interesting research about the healthy way of life. For example, some scientists are seriously interested in how learning foreign languages affects the person. It turned out that it is a huge benefit, – on these discoveries, we will tell you in today’s article on the portal How to Green.

Now learning a foreign language is a part of even the simplest school program, and we are starting to get acquainted with foreign words and grammar in childhood. Knowledge of another language helps in your career, travelling, socialising and learning. But besides this, every time even just looking Anglo-Russian dictionary, you make a contribution to other areas of your life. For example, help work your brain and even increase their personal effectiveness. Scientists are at least seven such nice bonuses.

Reason 1. The brain will work better

In the process of foreign language learning we use a variety of different areas of the brain. And, as a result that is confirmed by scientific experiments, growing the neocortex, or cerebral cortex. And this is the most important control centre of all functions of the body, which essentially makes us human. Simply put, it depends on how you think, analyze information, feel and interact with the outside world.

2. the cause of Bilingual can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease

In 2010, a team of neuroscientists from the US and Canada studying the development of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia in the elderly, found a curious fact. Those who know at least one foreign language, encounter the first signs of the disease and its effects on average five years later than people who know only their native language. And preventive influences the development of a new language was much stronger than any the latest medication from this disease.

Reason 3. Improve musical hearing, memory and attention

Speaking another language changes how our nervous system perceives sound. The bilingual children there is an expanded experience of perception and reproduction of sounds of different languages may differ from each other on phonetics. And it helps to fine-tune the activity of the auditory system and, in addition, increases the amount of working memory and improves attention. shutterstock_1012045870.jpg

Reason 4. The increase in personal effectiveness

People familiar with different languages, can quickly switch from one task to another, even if these tasks strongly differ from each other in content. In addition, they are generally much faster to adapt to different emergency situations and sudden changes in circumstances. And, interestingly, all of these benefits with age will not disappear.

And yet, learning a foreign language, you develop your concentration skills. Learning another language contributes to a better understanding of the essence of things and small details. This skill, for example, helps you to instantly navigate to a new team or in an unfamiliar area.

Reason 5. Appears life hack to make informed decisions

We make choices based on two systems – intutive and rational. Often people make decisions based on the first of them, that is, under the guidance of the senses, physical condition, unconscious patterns. When a person thinks or articulates the situation in a foreign language, it takes more rational decisions. This is because with the native language involves a lot of emotionally charged experience. Any emotions, good and bad, drown out our rational part. Thinking about the task or problem in another language, you can smooth related experiences and cognitive distortions, and hence to obtain an excellent resource to create further plan of action.

Reason 6. You can become happier

Mastering a foreign language, you activate those brain areas that are associated with the invocation of positive emotions. A team of German and Spanish researchers found that learning new words from the point of view of physiology is able to bring as much pleasure as a favorite treat or trip to a trusted massage therapist.shutterstock_736737721.jpg

Reason 7. Your horizons will be wider

Foreign language lesson can literally change your worldview. This is because develops not only the ability to assimilate information, but also its very perception. For example, if you decide to learn the Japanese language, it’s probably better you start to distinguish shades of blue. To change maybe even your perception of time, because there are differences in how different languages describe the essence of this concept. So, German or Englishman, is likely to be to estimate time intervals from the position duration, and the Greek or Spanish – in terms of volume. The authors of these and other such studies argue that the structure of thinking, the thinking and emotions of the person are predetermined by the language to a very great extent. This means that simple English can change ourselves.

Language classes develop neural pathways and literally change our brain, which as a result of these metamorphoses become more flexible and plastic. Learning new languages, regardless of age, you improve your cognitive abilities. In addition, every language is unique and its structure reflects the culture, history and mentality of the people who use it. This gives you the opportunity to see the world from the other side and fill your life with new colors and sensations.