What You Know About Arterial Acne?

Acne Arteries

Plaques in our coronary arteries that may eventually break away and cut off our hearts from the bloodstream so they can kill us more accurately than as plaques to describe as pimples. They are inflamed pockets full of pus. And it all starts with cholesterol.

This is a diagram of the wall of the coronary arteries that surround our hearts. And here comes the negative hero of our story, LDL, bad cholesterol, penetrating the lining of our artery. There it oxidizes and causes an inflammatory reaction. Your artery will put a white flag on your bloodstream, he calls for help.


The lining of your artery even forms adherent molecules, on which the white blood cells called monocytes adhere, rushing around. Monocytes are sucked into the wall, where they have to try to repair some of the damage that cholesterol did. Our bodies never expected to have so much cholesterol in our blood.

This leads to damage and inflammation inside the walls of our arteries. Other inflammatory cells are called to action, resulting in more and more pus and inflammation. Over time, a large pimple with a white cap protrudes from the surface into the artery interior, that is, where our blood flows.


As the blood pulsates through the pimple, the cap may peel off, which will cause the pus to spray directly into the artery. Blood rushes to the hole and shouts, “We know how to plug holes.” They then form a blood clot (otherwise known as a thrombus), which can also close the rest of the artery. And then we have the opportunity thus visualize the cross-section of the artery from the autopsy sample – because the patient is already done.

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