7 Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know


Seven facts about coffee you probably didn’t know Coffee is the world’s favourite hot drink with an estimated 2.25 billion cups drink every day globally Voltaire drink up to 50 cups a day and lived until the age of 83 so a coffee addiction isn’t too bad after all Bright side discovered seven reasons why you might want to get yourself a cup of coffee right now.

As a bonus, you’ll find a simple recipe for a unique coffee cocktail Number one coffee boosts brainpower Coffee with sugar can turn you into a little genius for a while because the combination of caffeine and glucose activates certain sectors of your brain the caffeine and coffee acts as a mild stimulant to the central nervous system.

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This neuronal activity triggers the release of the adrenaline that will affect your body in several ways Your heartbeat increases, blood pressure rises breathing tubes open up, sugar is released into the bloodstream for extra energy Depending on the level of intake it can help improve attention and concentration Remember that slump right after lunch? If you wish your boss would announce a little siesta time?

Well, if you are not in Spain caffeine can improve wakefulness during the post-lunch dip.

We know that working hours may be tough sometimes Coffee is effective in boosting brain performance for those suffering from jet lag or shift work sleep disorder.

However never drink coffee on an empty stomach, since that will do the direct opposite Effects of caffeine tend to be less pronounced in regular coffee drinkers Two, coffee increases blood pressure You might want to keep off the coffee if you are going to have a blood pressure test within the next two days If you have high blood pressure ask your doctor whether you should limit or stop drinking caffeinated beverages.

7 Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know
7 Facts About Coffee You Probably Didn’t Know

On the other hand hypertension or low blood pressure can be a serious and life-threatening problem If not treated a tiny cup of coffee can battle a hypertensive episode, a situation where your blood pressure is too low Add a cup of caffeinated beverage to each meal to raise your blood pressure Three, coffee makes your immune system stronger Coffee is known for its energy-boosting caffeine effect.

It’s an abundant source of nutrients and helpful chemicals that can aid your immune system According to scientists from several countries, coffee reduces the risk of premature death. This is because coffee alters your immune system making it stronger.

Healthier Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants and phenolic compounds that play a crucial role in cancer prevention. it also improves your liver, heart and digestive system Still try to stick to natural freshly ground coffee instant coffee contains fewer nutrients and more chemical additives and one more important fact for Parkinson’s disease Research suggest that among other factors the potential preventive effect may be due to caffeine too Four, coffee relieves a headache.

Caffeine can cure headaches and migraines People are aware that caffeine is found in coffee, tea, soft drinks and chocolate But may not know that caffeine is also contained in a variety of over-the-counter medications,

That’s why it’s an ingredient in a lot of traditional pain relievers. It can make them as much as 40 per cent more effective Caffeine increases the strength of the medication, and how quickly it works So enjoy the stimulating and pain-relieving properties of caffeine in moderation Five, coffee reduces stress Coffee acts well as an anti-stress substance due to the release of dopamine and serotonin which trigger a good mood One cup or even just the smell of coffee can calm your nerves.

This could explain the lower risk of depression among coffee drinkers Drinking between two to four cups of coffee every day appears to reduce the risk of suicide in men and women by 50% **RammVapes Notes: Where does it say that? Also, and this is not a big deal, the girl looked at the camera for a second when she should’ve been looking at one direction.

Moreover, caffeine is one of the most common stimulators of the central nervous system, and its common stimulation is what keeps depression at bay interestingly only the caffeine contained in coffee has this effect as opposed to the caffeine found in tea soda or chocolate which does not stimulate the central nervous system as effectively Six coffee improves your memory Coffee can positively affect mood enhance awareness and memory abilities.

The stimulators and neuro mediators obtained from coffee not only boost your mood and productivity But also improve your memory. Of course, this only works with your short-term memory but this is good enough because all Information is initially stored in short-term memory and only an hour later does it enter our long-term memory under particular circumstances At times when it gets a little too difficult to focus a coffee break will offer a welcome change of mind by enhancing Concentration and stimulating moods.

All in all, coffee is an enjoyable drink that can help boost energy and increase the ability to learn and remember Seven, coffee helps you lose weight.

Hey coffee lovers, file this under best news ever Coffee can keep off and help you lose excess weight. It can temporarily suppress your appetite and may stimulate minimal calorie burning When the level of the hormone leptin is low, your body starts storing fat, and you gain weight.

Coffee however increases the hormone levels in your body. Now you know why coffee lovers take longer to gain weight and why exercise yields more results for them caffeine gives you an added boost at work or during exercise. And here’s our bonus: an amazing coffee cocktail recipe. If you’re looking for something sweet to pair your milk this cocktail recipe is a must.


It is deliciously smooth and refreshing and it’s bottled ready to take on the go. Make your favourite coffee Let it cool off then fill an ice cube tray with the coffee place it in the freezer. on a hot day and the coffee cubes to a glass of milk. sip a delicious mix and feel wonderful Share the video with your friends to keep them caffeinated and hit the like button below the video The more likes we get the more videos we make for you.

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