Hello everyone, my name is Priti Nath Guru Today I’m going to discuss an another cause of weight gain through this video. Before knowing this reason, if we look around at our society. Then the hard working persons Like Rickshaw Pullers, Maids most likely they are underweight. Whereas the white collar workers who works in offices they are overweight. Its because our lifestyle and eating habits doesn’t get match with each other. Let me explain you with a simple example When a young boy joins the office, he has certain changes in his life style. The biggest change is, addition of tea and snacks in the evening. Samosa, Patty or Biscuits as usually taken as snacks. On an average he start taking 200 calorie daily a day. If we calculate it for a complete month He takes 6000 calories more than his requirement. Due to this he gains 1-1.5 kg weight in a month. And if it continues then he gains 8 ks weight in a year.


And that through with a cup of tea and snacks only. But if he starts enjoying on evening parties, eyeing dinner, outside outing, office parties Weekends outing then within a year he gain 15-20 kg weight in a year. Now a days maximum white collar peoples are facing this problem. People who were earlier active but when they join sedentary job, they gain weight. So when we have such changes in our life, we have two methods We should consult to a medical practitioner/dietitian to know about our calorie requirement.


And accordingly we should have a diet chart & we should keep visit them regularly if & when we require. The second and the easier method which I would suggest to my viewers We should check our weight on regular basis on every month or 2-3 months. In case we are gaining 1-2 kg weight, we should correct it there and then only. For this we can get a diet chart from a dietitian. Or we should take some help to understand the causes of changes in our life style. Or what are the changes in eating habits in result we gain weight. So it would be easier for us to control and correct that weight. Rather than reducing the 15-20 kg weight which we gain in 1 year The specific weight gain area is tummy ares of officer workers and white collars.


Its called belly fat and this is very harmful It brings diabetes, heart attack and problems like hypertension. Which are very commonly seen in youth now a days. If we have such changes in our life style then i would suggest you Then accordingly we should do changes in our eating habits & we should check our weight regularly. I hope my this video will be beneficial for you. For more such beneficial videos keep watching my upcoming videos. Thank you….. .

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