Review for refreshing summer dishes

Summer this year is changeable – it is cold and rainy, then the sun and heat. Although these weather changes we are seeing often, the summer months are the best time to replenish vitamins from fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries. Enjoy them in abundance now, you will ensure yourself a good mood for a long autumn: the body gets the supply of nutrients, and you – good memories of an easy pastime. And the last days of the season we offer you to decorate the most refreshing summer dishes – soups, salads and snacks recipes that we have collected for you in this review. Useful, bright and juicy!

1. The salad with watermelon and potato sauce


Watermelon is the most popular berry in August, at this time, domestic watermelons reveal their taste and useful properties to the fullest. You can eat it just like that, to do it on the basis of cocktails or to add as a main ingredient in a salad. For example, does the chef of the restaurant Bistro Margarita Dan Mironin his dish, he combines juicy pieces of watermelon and tomatoes with pickled shallots, olives and potato sauce. And the dish turned out even more vivid, we recommend you to take the Kuban tomatoes of different varieties! Note that to prepare the sauce to the salad used pike caviar, so vegans and vegetarians can only leave the gas station. The full recipe is here.

2. Fresh vegetables with Asian sauce


If you have already tried a lot of different kinds of salads, you probably will be hard to surprise. But how often, even from familiar and has long been known products out new flavours and combinations! An example of such a salad from Alexander Borzenko, chef of Craft restaurant Kitchen. The secret is that the usual carrots, cabbage and cucumbers added Asian sauce prepared on vegetable-based oils and sugar. And fresh salad with a bright dressing, will be ready for you in just 15 minutes! The recipe at this link.

3. A refreshing smoothie bowl


It’s great when the dish at the same time and gives freshness and fills! This is especially convenient combination for Breakfast, when the heat want to do without hot, but at the same time there is a desire to eat. Output – to prepare, for example, such a refreshing smoothie bowl on the basis of banana and peach, adding your favorite toppings: peanut butter, slices of watermelon, berries, seeds or granola. Preparing this tomorrow for five minutes, and the options of recipes he’s got a huge lot – room for experiments! The base recipe is from our regular readers Bagira Khasanovand is at this link.

4. Salad with strawberries and cucumbers


Strawberry is one berry, which can be enough to enjoy the summer. It is also possible to buy more and freeze the autumn and winter, you have always had the opportunity to indulge in a sweet strawberry flavor. And now we offer you to try to add it to a variety of fresh salads like this cooked recipe of the restaurant “Noah’s ark”. Baku cucumbers, pine nuts, leaves of frisee, strawberries, olives, honey, butter and vinegar – all you will need for this bright, fresh dish! Here you will find a step by step recipe.

5. Fresh vegetables with cucumber sauce


And one more cool recipe with the participation of all the familiar ingredients. The highlight of this green salad from the restaurant Glenuill – cucumber sauce, which is prepared on the basis of oil, vinegar, water and cucumbers themselves. Special flavours give the dish a crispy pumpkin seeds (which also add value in the form of fatty acids) and sweet dried cranberries, so this is another great example of how simple ingredients can make an original dish. A quick recipe for the salad here.

6. Avocado soup


When it comes to light and fresh dishes, one of the first to come to mind salads. And if you tried refreshing soups? Such as soup with avocado and greens from Glen Ballis, the brand chef of the restaurant Avocado Queen. This cold dish has a delicate creamy texture, rich in antioxidants and has a bright flavor – and even the expense of tartare with avocado and mango, which is laid out on top. How to prepare this soup, you will learn here.

7. Gazpacho with mint


Another option is the summer soup is served in the restaurant Choice / Healthy Social Club. Three kinds of greens, radishes, belarski peppers, cucumbers and is rich in healthy fats avocados are the basis for this dish and it is cooked in just 10 minutes by mixing all ingredients in a blender. In the result you will get the nutritional green version of the Spanish gazpacho and the recipe is here.

8. Beet soup


This recipe is for those who love interesting culinary experiments. To prepare this soup you’ll have an easier time, since beets require pre-treatment. And as sauce for the finished dish can apply coconut cream, mixed with horseradish, a tasty addition to a refreshing lunch! Which gives you vitamin C and will maintain the beauty and radiance of your skin. Recipe for beet soup from the restaurant “Brasserie Bridge” you will find at this link.

9. Appetizer of cucumbers with cashew mousse


This dish is wonderful, fresh and healthy option snacks, which can be well supported, for example, at lunch or dinner. An interesting combination of dense mousse cashew and light pickles will delight you and the beautiful flow: the dish is prepared in the form of rolls, dressed with herbs and sesame seeds and watered for the flavor of olive oil. Invented this snack in the restaurant, Have a Nice Day, and her recipe is here.

Bon appetit, dear readers! I hope these dishes will delight you with its ease and taste, the latter especially hot days as the summer you will remember all the bright, warm and dear!