Asterisk Vs FreeSWITCH Debate

Asterisk vs FreeSWITCH is a debate of selection a good VoIP(voice over internet protocol) communication platform. Before going to discuss in detail about  FreeSWITCH versus Asterisk it would be better to know about in general what they are.

Both are famous telephony platforms that utilize VoIP. On the base of VoIP, these software provides voice communication and multimedia to internet applications through IP networks. They provide provisioning of communication services – voice, SMS, fax, and voice messaging. Most of the communication applications based on Asterisk and FreeSWITCH.

What is Asterisk

Asterisk is to know as famous free and open source PBX(private branch exchange) software solution platform. It supported VoIP and PSTN(public switch telephony network). Asterisk is used by many individuals enterprise and businesses for their communication need. Telephones which are attached to Asterisk can call to each other, and to connect to other telephone services, such as the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.

By using asterisk you can use voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution etc. It is written in C language and supported cross-platform. It is sponsored by Digium and created in 1999.

What is FreeSWITCH

The most interesting thing about FreeSWITCH is, it is created in 2006 by the ex-developer of Asterisk. It is also free and open source voice and messaging communication platform. This telephony platform designed in such a way that, route and interconnect popular communication protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media. FreeSWITCH uses Sofia-Sip stack this stack is fully mature robust and complete. It is also supported many other SIP features such as presence/BLF/SLA as well as TCP TLS and sRTP.

FreeSWITCH supported many well-known communication technologies. These technologies are Skype, SIP, H.323, and WebRTC. FreeSWITCH has the ability to perform full video transcoding and MCU functionality using its conferencing module. It is written in C language and supported Mac OS X, Window, ARM operating system.


Asterisk Vs FreeSWITCH

asterisk vs freeswitch


After the clarification of this two communication platform, we move further to discuss differences between FreeSWITCH and Asterisk.



Asterisk is not the good platform for the higher volume of calls. Becuase it used shared resources therefore in the case of provisioning calls it is not a suitable platform. In a case of high call volume, you can encounter occasional deadlocking, race conditions, and potential data corruption. While on the other hand, FreeSWITCH is scalable communication platform. It can easily handle high capacity volumes of call. In scalability case, FreeSWITCH is the better choice for those who want to utilize high volumes of calls.


Asterisk use a simple file for dial plan and configuration. Therefore, we can say that configuration of the asterisk is simple. While FreeSWITCH uses XML file for configuration and dial plan. It consists of manual configuration and maintenance. XML has its own method of writing the file. It is little difficult. So we can say that Asterisk is more easy to use as compare to FreeSWITCH.

PBX And Softswitch

The biggest difference between two communication platform is, Asterisk is PBX(private branch exchange) solution and framework for developing communication applications. While FreeSWITCH is just a Softswitch.


Both applications are flexible in use. They provide the features of expandability. We can say that FreeSWITCH is more flexible as compared to Asterisk. Because FreeSWITCH supported multiple languages such as .NET, JavaScript, Perl, C++, Python, and FreeSWITCH library easily embed with other applications.


Asterisk comes with dual licensing. One license of Asterisk is free and other is proprietary. The free license comes under the general public license. While FreeSWITCH is completely free communication software solution. It is released under the Mozilla Public License.

Asterisk Vs FreeSWITCH battel – Which one is better

After analyzing these two applications we can say that both applications have some advantages and some disadvantages. It totally depends on the user which features its needed for the deployment of a communication system. If its target to utilize the huge volume of calls than FreeSWITCH is the best choice. But if a user needs easy configurable and low volume of call than Asterisk is better solution etc.

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