How much have you heard about rose water?

Rose water is becoming very popular in aiding the health of hair. I can give you a bit of my knowledge when it comes to my experience with rose water. I have heard before that rose water is great for hair, skin, and nails. Non-alcoholic rose water is typically a better choice in using for your hair, skin, and nails. Rose water is said to be a natural base to help moisture your hair, skin, and nails without having an oily effect.

The bottom of our hair is in fact, dead. All nutrients when it comes to hair growth, must come from inside the body. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and trying to remain stress-free is highly likely to contribute to your growth and health care. Vitamins also help which we’ll tackle in another post.

With all that being said, taking care of your dead hair is also important (well at least the dead hair that happens to be attached to your head). By not hydrating your hair or adding a few natural oils, using the right shampoo and conditioner to keep it moist, can and will cause breakage. Your ends may split and the next thing you know, you’re in dyer need of a hair cut which could then turn into a big chop. So, how can you help hydrate your hair?

Rose water with a trim every six weeks (and when I say trim, I mean an inch or less, depending on how healthy your ends are – your hairdresser should want to care for your hair and be open and honest). I can’t tell you how many hair stylists I’ve been to, who would tell me I need a trim and I’d left the salon with half of my hair either gone, or one side longer than the other. I still paid, I didn’t want any trouble, I just never went back.

Back to the rose water, though, because now I feel like I’m rambling again. LOL…. Rose water is becoming very popular. While some use rose water for their hair, others use it as a toner for their face, as it’s good for acne, for their nails in an attempt to strengthen them. Browse Beauty Wurks for top picks on hair care!

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