so over the past few months, I’ve done my fair share of travel and I wanted to share with you guys some of the eyeshadow palettes that I like to bring when I travel and I guess in some way they’re sort of my Holy Grail palettes if you will so if you want to see what kind of palettes are worth taking with you when you travel go ahead and keep on watching.

There fabulous welcome to fabulous Mori if you’re New, if you are returning thank you so much for being here so like I said we’re gonna be discussing today some of the eyeshadow palettes that I like to take when I travel and I’ve been I’ve been doing quite a bit of travelling lately you guys.

Best Makeup Travel Dream Set

So I’m pretty happy about it and I’ve kind of learned what works and what doesn’t for me when I’ve taken palettes when I travel sometimes I overpack don’t we all, but these have been pretty good palettes to take with me when I have travelled.

I haven’t felt the need to take anything else with me before we get started to go ahead and hit that subscribes button that like button that notification bell so you’re getting notified when I post new videos and let’s move on to showing you what those palettes are all right so one of the very first palettes.

I started taking when I started travelling was this palette right here this is one of my all-time favourites it’s one of my classics I love this palette is probably one of was one of the pricier palettes that I ever bought for my collection and I absolutely loved it this is the Nubian palette by Juvia’s place and as you can see they are all warm tones but I feel like it has all the necessary colours for you to create several looks and especially if you love warm tones you will love these palettes absolutely love it I created so many looks with these I took it.

When I went on my trip to New York and on my trip to California last year and I felt I wasn’t missing anything so this is an excellent palette to take I’m sorry guys if my eyes seem kinda red I just had like a sneezing attack so that’s fun anyway as I was saying I feel like this palette reminds me a lot of the urban decay what is it called I can’t remember right now it’s called you know which one I’m talking about.

I just love this palette you guys the quality of these eyeshadows is absolutely phenomenal I truly recommend this palette especially if you’re travelling it is lightweight so it can fit in your makeup bag very easily the only downside to this palette is that you don’t have a mirror so you will have to bring something extra to do your makeup because this one does not have a mirror but this is an excellent one to try you guys and to take with you when you’re travelling okay then the next palette.

I want to show you guys and this one I think I also took on a couple of small trips last summer and I actually took it this summer also when I travel because even though this came out last summer I believe I still really love this little palette and this is this the city mini palette by Maybelline this is the one in the shade rooftop bronzes and I love this little palette you guys so when you see it you don’t see much.

I mean what can you do with all of these shades right also the strangest thing is it doesn’t have a lot of transitional colours and it doesn’t really have anything that you can use to set your eyeshadow primer with but nonetheless this is so good you guys.

I love this palette I feel like I really don’t need anything else other than maybe a colour to set my eye primer with so usually what I do is that I use this colour even though it’s not a matte I use it as a transitional shade and then I use either this colour or this colour as an all-over lid shade and then I use either one of these to deepen the crease or as liners and I love that look I don’t know what it is about it but I really really like it and of course, if you wanted to more of a smokey eye you can definitely make your look a little bit darker with this colours right here.

The best part about this palette is I feel that it will suit a lot of skin tones because it is not really warm but it’s actually not really cool tone is kind of like that neutral in-between that will suit a lot of people so this is one of my top recommendations as well if you’re looking something more affordable like drugstore kind of thing I love this one and to go with the drugstore palettes.

I am gonna show you another drugstore that is one of the favourites that I take when I travel and it’s this is kind of the newest addition I guess I think I got this either last spring or last winter I can’t remember exactly but is it Milani bold obsessions palette this palette you guys are high-end quality for drugstore prices well it’s a little bit on the higher side.

When it comes to drugstores but you guys you are paying for quality eyeshadows here and you got everything you need for any kind of look, in my opinion, you got it’s a little bit more on the warmer side even though you do have some cool shades here which is pretty cool I think you can definitely create a cool tone look if you wanted to with this palette but you also have a black and a brown in a ton of warm shades which is what’s in right now and I have so movie love it and I feel like again.

I didn’t anything else your matte light shade right here that you can use to set your eye primer and a different in transition shades right here for any kind of looks so this one you guys this one is so good I took it on my Spring Break trips I been using it any kind of little trip I always think about this palette to take with me if I think of a full palette that will do the job you know that.

I won’t need to take anything else I always consider this one because it’s just so good and the quality of the eyeshadows it’s excellent you guys in one of the best parts also is it does have a mirror so I love that because you don’t need to carry another mirror with you it’s a pretty good mirror that you can just use to do your makeup it’s huge and it’s a very good quality mirror so this is another one you guys that you need to put down on your little list because it is excellent and moving on to more of I guess not quite a high-end palette.

It’s a drugstore I guess kind of price but you will have to order online and I’m talking about the Kathleenlights collaboration with colour pop the dream street palette I don’t know what it was with this palette you guys this summer I fell in love with this palette all over again I don’t know what it was about it it is just so easy to use like you can create so many things and it’s so so easy to use like for the everyday type of thing if that is your go-to look especially when you’re travelling.

You want something that you can just pop on not really think about what you’re gonna be doing easy to do this palette.

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