Short Weave Hairstyles for Black Women (2022)


Short weave hairstyles are sweet, sassy and a whole lot of fun. From bright colors to sexy layers, there are plenty of options when you’re ready for something new.


Depending on how natural and discreet or funky and bright you want your hair to look, you may choose a hairstyle from the gallery below that will pleasantly surprise not only you but everyone around.


From varying lengths to a myriad of color options, no two weaves are alike. This makes it a good choice for a black lady who desires something that tells her unique story without adding a lot of hassle or expense to daily life.


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#1: Bold Bright Blue

Bold Bright Blue short wave hair style

Short weave hairstyles can incorporate it all – this one integrates varied lengths, layered and blunt cuts, side designs and a bold pop of bright blue colour on the top layer of hair.


#2: Honey Rain Down

Honey Rain Down-hair style

Honey-coloured hues introduced into an A-line weave is the ideal way to liven up dull hair. Go with a centre or side part and wear your inverted bob either curly or straight to alternate the styles whenever you like. Add in a little wave angled toward the back of the head for a more versatile look.


#3: Silvered Side swept StyleSilvered Side swept hair Style


Lighten your hair for a lovely look that softens and brightens the face. Go for a straight, side-swept style when you want something girly yet simple to upkeep.


#4: Rainbow Statement

Rainbow Statement hair style

The long, layered hair is made more striking with rainbow colours.

Go with a regal blue or purple, or else go with a few unique hues that express your own personality.


Ditch the short curly weave hairstyles for something longer and more original.


#5: Straight to the Point

Straight to the Point hair style


When it comes to short weave hairstyles, this one is truly a classic. Straight, thick and face-framing, this weave relies upon choppy layers and a confident, beautiful smile.


#6: Side-Swept Bob

Side-Swept Bob hair style

Weaves don’t always have to come with dramatic angles and head-turning colours. This version keeps hair a fine texture and a simple length, brightening things up with a subtle mahogany hue. Having a thinner weave will give both your scalp and sanity a much-needed break from heavy, long locks.


#7: Alternating Hues

Alternating Hues short waves

One of the fun aspects of a weave is the ability to add a lot of different colours to it without a fear to damage your hair or get bored with the chosen hues.


This style alternates hues for a short sew in that’s truly striking.


#8: Cinnamon Short Weave.

Cinnamon Short Weave

This hairstyle is lit, and it’s not just because of the flame-like curls and warm palette. The coif shows how sexy short hair weave styles can be.

You just have to make the most out of the cropped strands you have.


#9: Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum Blonde Bob hair style

Weave hairstyles are perfect for black women who want to try out a bold colour but don’t want to deal with wigs or bleaching easily damaged strands. When you get your next sew-in, ask your stylist to not leave any of your natural locks out so you show off a new hue without actually having to dye your tresses. #10: Cherry Red Ringlets.

Pristine ringlets perfectly play up the sweet style of this cherry red hairdo. To maintain the spirals day after day, wrap the longer pieces of your hair around medium-sized foam Flexi rods before you go to bed each night.


When you take out the rollers in the morning, you will have easy curls that are ready to go..

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