What is CTI? (Britannic Technologies)

Today we were talking about CGI computer telephony integration is the idea you take your servers you take your applications and you integrate them with whatever telephone system you’re running.

Within your business, there are many applications for this we need you for over 15 years we’ve seen their customers and use CGI to deliver radio calling type programs for delivering bespoke services.

Within banks and insurance companies for really driving value and speeding up calls and things like that and now there’s a matter what telephone system or what service you have the concepts are pretty much the same you have some sort of application that needs the talk to some sort of PBX and where.

We’ve been over the last 15 years is actually doing this integration work between the two now you may have multiple PB X’s of different manufacturers this could be a Mitel this could be a Cisco doesn’t matter the challenge is that every PBX manufacturer has implemented their own way of talking to.

Tt so if you are writing an application for integrates with a motel typically you would need to write the same application to also talk to the PBX for Cisco and the one for the vial order a Nortel etc because it wasn’t really defined standard for doing CGI from the proprietary manufacturers of PB X’s.

So what Britannic is done is we have taken away these need from creating multiple links and we built a service and sits in between your PBX and your own application now the way this service works for me Connect is it provides a very very clean and consistent way of dealing with the telephone systems that we support we have over the years added in over 30 different phone systems which basically covers the entire market if you have a relatively modern phone system with an IP interface the charges are we support it with net connect and from this end.

We provide a very clean interface for talking to your telephone systems irrespective of which system you’re talking to the advantages is that if you’re an application developer you can write code that works against the Mitel it will work against cisco will get a scalar via north all the main manufacturers of telephone systems in addition to this what we also did is we recognized that many of our customers have similar requirements they may want to be able to link up their own CRM system or an ERP system and so.

We’ve already integrated many off-the-shelf products into neck-and-neck which could already be talked to many telephone systems so with CRM dynamics whether it’s age whether it’s next week any of the standard business applications typically are already connected for the addition to that we recognize that CTI is a fairly difficult subject for non-set of TTI developers to work with because you’re talking different languages once even once you’re physically connected to your telephone system.

Normally applications want to know about users and cause whereas the telephone systems are talking about handsets and devices and so you have the right look sits in between the track these two things what we’ve done is we’ve been capsulated all happen Asti stuff inside net connect so that it’s very very simple you can talk about users and you can talk about calls and whatever you need to talk about to your telephone system and then connect there’s.

The work in addition to that we’ve recognized that some people need to talk to this side of their connect from different environments so we’ve built into this dotnet ivory AECOM library an HTTP library or interface we’ve also got Web Services and then even sockets and TCP sockets and whatever your mechanism whatever your preferred delivery form for talking to a device we can handle that at this level.

So all these technologies will talk so here to America as simple and as quickly as possible to adopt this type of technology and then from this point onwards irrespectively which your chosen technology is from this end, you can speak to of 30 different telephone systems.

I think Nick connect certainly Drive some much much easier way of doing CGI certainly customer some of our customers have written CGI applications and got themselves up and with test applications within hours of receiving the library and it’s very very fast and takes away all the complexity of from CGI that Kinect is also available as a service that’s in the cloud you can subscribe to it it’s also available as an on-premise so their server which you can install into your network.

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