People Peel Dead Skin From Their Feet

– My feet are starting to peel a little bit on the outside. – I’m scared, you wish for soft feet, and then it’s a German fairy tale and all your foot skin falls off. Yeah, that’s what happened. – Does this look natural? – I have some nasty ass feet, I got a lot of calluses and shit all over my foot. – I’ve never enjoyed the idea of pimple popping or anything like that, but I really find skin peeling to be satisfying, and I know that sounds disgusting.

– I’m really ticklish, so I basically never scrub my feet. I just want soft feet. – Exfoliant foot peel, baby foot. – I’ve just heard from people that your skin just starts dramatically peeling off in a really disgusting way. I’m also terrified of that too, and I wanna like fastforward to when my feet are just soft. – Currently while I’m speaking to the camera I am soaking my feet in a tub of warm water. This is to facilitate the peeling process I guess. – The dead skin already, just from soaking it. – And I just slip this bad boy on. – I have really big feel too so I hope this fits. – I don’t get how this is gonna work. – This feels really weird. It’s like wearing a plastic shopping bag as a sock. – It really just looks like plant extracts and alcohol.

– I did hear somebody once say that they had socks full of dead skin after they did this which is something that I don’t know if I’m prepared for. We’ll see if anyone ever wants to date me again after this. – So it’s been exactly 24 hours, it kind of itches a little bit, I don’t know if that’s part of it. On the second day my foot started to peel around my ankle and to the side of my foot. Third day I was wearing my shower sandals around the house, when I took them off, you can just see all this dead skin mushed into my sandals.

– Also I didn’t realize this, but I guess this works best if your feet are super, super callused, and mine aren’t, they’re pretty soft to begin with. Dryness over here, a little bit of dryness over here, but it’s not that exciting. – So nothing really happened until about four days after I did the baby foot product. I noticed that all of the sudden almost out of nowhere my feet were just starting to peel in like the most dramatic way, it was like on the top part of my toe and then as soon as I touched a little bit, basically I just started noticing more and more dead skin. Ew, ew, I hate it so much! Oh, I hate this! – So over all I had a good experience, my feet each day have felt cleaner and cleaner. – None of my socks so far have been absent of dead skin but I guess everybody is different. – Like nothing happened for many many days and then all of the sudden all of the skin off my feet just like is coming off. It was pretty fun to peel off though, I will say. – This feels very seductive still, and I like don’t know how I feel about that.

– Never thought I’d be doing this on camera. .

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