Now create your own AI Assistant with few simple steps!

So starting from 2016 there is a lot of buzz going about virtual assistant, many companies have developed their own like Google Assistant, Siri, Amazon Alexa and Cortana. But for developers who want to use them in their Applications, Google has provided a platform called Dialogflow, and we are going to use this.

If you stick till the end of this video, I will tell you how you can integrate your AI assistant on a website. So, Let’s get started. First you need to go to Then click on to console. Login with your email ID and you are good to go. Now click on create agent. This will open a page where you need to enter the name of your agent and can set Timezone and default language. Click on create button in top right corner.

It will take few seconds. On the right hand side you will see a “try it now” text box. But if we ask a question to the agent it will not respond because our agent is not trained. If you scroll down to the left hand side there is something called as small talk. Now this is used to add abilities to your agent so that it can respond to you. To use smalltalk you need to just enable it. For simplicity I will just add few responses to questions. If you want you can add more which will make your agent better.

Once you have added click Done and it will save your responses. Now let’s test our agent and yes it is responding. If you want to see a fully functional agent scroll up on left hand side and click on integrations. Click on settings in Web Demo, enable it and you will see a URL of your agent just click on it and it will direct you to another page where you can test your agent. No, lets fire up something like “Hi”, you can use your laptop or desktop is to give voice commands.

If you want to integrate your AI Assistant on a website, I have given a link to an article in the description where you can find steps for creating AI and section which explains how you can embed you AI Assitant on a website.

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