Mesa mom drops 105 pounds by ‘eating fat’

In Arizona mom drops more than 100 pounds and is now in the pages of People magazine she says that she yo-yo dieted for years before trying to find a new technique to purge the pounds away and it worked team 12s Bianca Bono is joining us here live with her inspirational success story that’s a ton of weight it really is in mercury Bay like many she struggled with her weight loss for years but after losing more than a hundred pounds she says get this eating fat is her secret to success Nissa grana mesa mom of two whipping up what she calls fat bombs coconut oil mixed with chocolate believe it or not she eats them several times a day as part of her diet coconut oil is actually it’s the easiest fat to digest but for most of her life managing her weight was a struggle starting when she was just 12 years old my clothes are fitting tight and a lot of the other girls were thinner than I was Grande trying every diet you can think for several years while exercising everyday sometimes for hours at a time but her weight fluctuated losing and then gaining 20 to 50 pounds I was always reading like what’s the latest diet what can I try this week and you just want to pull your hair out mrs.

Wade battle came to a head when she got pregnant with her first child she weighed 180 pounds to start and gained an additional 65 developing gestational diabetes a warning from her doctor had her desperate for a plan that would work there’s so much bad information out there she stumbled upon one suggesting more healthy fats and less carbs in the first year of changing my diet I lost somewhere between 80 to 90 pounds she then incorporated intermittent fasting I would still not eat after dinner and then you know sleep through the night and I would push my breakfast out only to like 10 o’clock in the morning groan now down more than a hundred pounds for weight loss journey incredible People magazine is featuring her Nina just makes me happy that I don’t have to worry about what am I going to wear how is that going to fit me does have a website it’s called eating fat is the new skinny if you go into her website she has recipes videos and inspirational blog posts to kind of help you along your fitness journey now is something like this sustainable I mean for a very long period of time according to what she tells me it is she’s been doing it for a couple of years now and she said that she doesn’t get hungry which is a question I asked because when you’re fasting for 14 to 16 hours you would think you might get hungry and because she’s eating 2,000 calories between 10 o’clock noon until 6:00 she stays really full yeah it’s a counterintuitive to think that by eating fat you can lose weight but I hear about it all the time I know you see the results right there’s very cool alright thank you so much Bianca

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