View your favorite videos on the big screen! “IRADIA”, a compact projector that can be used anywhere

The time to watch TV completely has decreased, and it has entered an era where you can watch as much as you like on YouTube and video distribution services. Do you want to spend a limited amount of free time in such a day?

“ IRADIA ”, which appeared on the sister site machi-ya, is a next-generation projector that supports ultra-high brightness of 3500 lumens and up to 300 inches . The Android app is standard and easy to carry

A blissful time on a high-quality large screen

The screen size projected by IRADIA is up to 300 inches (approximately 7.6m ) . Spend a blissful time with a powerful big screen and beautiful colors of 3500 lumens .

The screen size can be adjusted according to the size of the projected wall and screen.

Built-in Android app

IRADIA has AndroidOS6.0 installed . You can freely download the app from Google Play and watch videos on YouTube, NETFLIX, hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

All you need to do is connect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth . Even without a Wi-Fi environment, it can be used with an HDMI connection . If you use the air play function, you can also project the iPhone screen as it is.

High spec but compact

When it comes to specs of 300 inches and 3500 lumens, the projector itself is just big, but IRADIA is only 847 grams .

The all-in-one speaker is also equipped with a 12000mAh battery, so you can fully play a two-hour movie with battery power.

Also supports 3D

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