How to make use of smartphone payment such as QR code for household finance management

Recently, there will be many people who have seen and heard about smartphone payment services and have actually started using them. Even in the household counseling scene, I have often been asked how to use smartphone payments and how to manage them.

Discount campaign and, in cooperation with the credit card point reduction rate , such as increases, customer acquisition competition but have been made, in, smartphone settlement will help household management do you.

Is the household account book application a strong friend of smartphone payment management?

household finance management

With smartphone payment, usage history such as payment can be checked with the app.

Then you tend to think that it is easy to manage, but now, the types of smartphone payment are greatly increased, and users think about how to use as much as possible according to the features and benefits of the smartphone payment service. You are

Therefore, usage history is scattered for each application, making it difficult to see the whole picture .

In addition, it is a payment that can not see the money and it is difficult to grasp the amount of expenditure, so it is likely that spending will increase like credit card payments . In the past, using credit cards was said to increase spending by about 20 percent. It is likely to be the same.

If you are already using smartphone payment, do you think that “the usage at convenience stores has increased” and “the balance of your account has decreased more than planned”? The reduction rate goes up when you use it at any store during which period! There is also a possibility that you are using it as an alternative to your wallet by entering information such as .

In order to eliminate such looseness, it is important to create a situation where you can understand your spending .

However, although it is possible to consolidate spending in the household account application, there are things that can be recorded automatically smartphone payment by the household account application, some things can not. Also, there are still many shops in Japan that can only pay cash .

In other words, even if you record a household account book by automatic input, it means that it is essential to enter cash payments if you want to know the expenditure correctly.

If you want to automatically manage expenses other than cash payments, it is necessary to keep in mind the use of a smartphone payment service that the household account application supports automatic input .

Use smartphone payment like a debit card

Psychological element of cashless payment

Smartphone settlement, charge from the account to the application to, and linked to the credit card, card payment but is the mainstream such as in, towards the consumption tax hike that will be in October, each bank can be settled from the account service It seems to provide.

There is already ” Yucho Pay “, but this is what you pay directly from the Japan Post Bank balance when settling with the app. It ‘s like using a debit card . There is a movement that banks will try to release these apps in the future.

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Also, although there are currently few methods to pay directly from a bank account, you can use prepaid cards to pay like debit cards.

For example, smartphone payment app→Kyash (charge from the account or credit card and a string attached to credit card brand with prepaid card to pay) →VISA debit card and cooperation to be used and so on, debit card even in the smartphone payment app it possible to use it as I a.

And since payment usage history remains on Kyash and on the Visa debit card, it’s easy to understand if you look at either. Such a mechanism can also be created.

Management of the smartphone payment, one card to be tied

Management of the smartphone payment

Currently, there are 20 to 30 types of smartphone payments, and they are increasing rapidly.

Typical ones are LINE Pay, PayPay, OrigamiPay, Rakuten Pay and so on. The former two are mainly cash back and point redemption . origamiPay is mainly discounted . Rakuten Pei has the advantage that it is easy for Rakuten users to collect points . From this point of view, the method of use differs depending on the scene.

Also, in recent years Merpei’s attention is high, and d payment etc. seems to be familiar. If you are in an environment where you use these multiple smartphone payments, it will be difficult to consolidate spending into one as described above.

If you manage the expenditure of the smartphone settlement, any smartphone settlement also be linked to the same debit card , the use history centralized management I think that it is good that.

Cash should be managed separately, but it seems easy to consolidate if only two sources are spent . Also, if you feel that too hard, you will need to manage the traditional household finance by handwriting.

The basic way of thinking is the same for household management with cash and household management with smartphone payment.

It means that some way of management is required. From now on, I think that cashless payment will progress including smartphone payment. You are also required to get used to it quickly. It is recommended that you start thinking about ways to suit yourselves little by little so that your household finances do not go wrong.a

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