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Sometimes the Nekkid League can get more detail in a motor-driven clip I’m fly him out as head master barber from Software Inc k-8 the fade King I’m here to walk you through twelve-phase and hairstyles from textures to tune this is Fahim Alexander.

Let’s go so the first one we guy has the dirt feed this is a tapered style cut with a comb-over and a part we taper the bottom you know either a1 to a2 to a3 dingo only up to the point even though different companies have different sizes.

There’s a general standard for clipper guide numbers generally the clipper guard number represents the number of 1/8 inches of hair left on the head lower number of clipper guards leave less hair on the head a higher number of clipper guards be more hair on the head.

The number 1 guard leaves 1/8 length of the hair on the head the number 2 guard leaves 1/4 limp the number 3 guard this 3/8 list the number 4 guard bees 1 half its length of the hair on the head did you notice a difference between the taper anything a tape restorer set short hair wears or thin starts at skin here.

We have the skin drop feed one of my favourites is real smooth and easy to do start off skinning it fall you want to go from a 0 to a 1 to a 2 and feed it all the way up to your pump so in this next photo we got here is the taper fade with long hair this fade right here is one of my favourite fades.

From the 81.5 guards trim off a little off the top I think every barbershop can be a safe place for women check this cut out that I’m gonna do it on my friend Rea oh yeah I love the style of every people – thank you I’m actually excited you’ll be the first person to cut my hair that isn’t me in five years oh wow so what do you like what do you what I usually do like a – up to about here and then maybe a three going out to open another nice.

If you wanna you want to get that Fame going back here looks fun that’d be perfect yeah come so normally when clients come into the barbershop and they want this to style right here I always have a comb or handy and I’m gonna sing my 357 clippers from calibre so about Cora is my best but then we’re just going somewhere here sniffing easy can you call me back there go up a little bit more.

This is I love this step already so tell me something do you wear any like desires or anything back here we just wait for natural well I’ve done just like a couple of steps here but I really like a couple of parts yeah would you like to see that again yeah why not okay great I’ve got a tape we’re down a little bit more it’s like getting a little bit onto the surface you have all types of mazes back here they take what sometimes right.

This cool don’t sleep you want to like this though we took it, yeah I don’t know where you’re finding all these grey hairs I’ll put some in my pots out let’s look fantastic it’s just soft enough it’s not too hard of an edge it’s got really great flow.

I can play with it it’s gonna blend really nicely when it’s growing out so area what do you think very happy love it alright so here we got our fourth feet one of the most common Custis wore today and one and a half the size cut into a box of texture some people that sported this haircut in the eighties kids play salt and pepper cameo ever be Rock him and Big Daddy Kane Public Enemy and EPMD and my guy from my city Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air your bottle would tell you he will have the keys to the success of keeping you to shape you know.

I like a little bit of spritz a holding spray a blow dryer back in the day you know you’re the mare in the bathroom you know you Pat me down to make that square shape every other week to keep it fresh you should buzz your size so number five we got the temple taper fade with the kinky hair that’s most common today with the brothers with the beard you could start from his skin fade and the blend down into your beard.

So make it too dark so your beard is like a three it could grow a little bit natural to keep this haircut right right here you want to use your favourite sponge or your favourite curly racquet so what this down I mean you can shampoo it every night to be honest with you if you like but you know you need these steps number one you.

Know you want to get your favourite shampoo and conditioner number two you know you want to put your favourite pomade in the hair maybe use a blow dryer dry it your favourite curly racket or your sponge so number six we got the hi world.

I’m gonna cut my boy Jesse he wants to sport that no-fade trim on time come on in Jesse you don’t know right Victor Cruz will you’d only go to the barbershop like what the waxwork I used to say give me a low fade or a high Brooke just basically just gonna taper and I get a tape at our behind that’s the new one to me the hi Brooke.

What are they called behind Brooke was ask somebody with Brooklyn, yeah so you know a lot of cats instead of getting a full-on fade they just want to get the Brooklyn which just tapers the edges a little bit you know I want my own tapered I usually want to get a higher taper so I’ll call it – hi Brooke this is some different terminology right anywhere else they just say give me a temple thing that’s it so to make this ha Brooke.

I want to brush it out where I’m going to do most of my work out so I got my outline of twos here and I’m just gonna start to make a small thing maybe booties all day long down the feel of it he just called temple things those are the cons here but the hi Brooke is funny that’s different to me what I got now it’s just like 50 Matt in calibre great the tapering ball tapering and trimming critique you the top.

Then I have the new and this court is master for detail work of designs I use this for my trimming to make my boxes and my afros then we got the 357 calibres it’s an all-around clipper that I can use all day so Jessie I think I did the Brooklyn man it’s my first time doing it I think I know you tell me okay did I tell you the man you bet that’s s Matt and I walk away yeah you lazy man I appreciate it thank you you shaving I appreciate you coming to my shop that’ll be about $50.

The NT you guys know that the fee started in World War two when African-American soldiers start wearing their hair skin-tight it resembled being that good soldier in the seventh faith we had the temple fade style haircut with the coming back so these two fades you got what up here that’s actually going to the side with the part that’s pretty smooth and on this one you have the hair pull to the back and table get that nice couple feet on the side this cut bright hair has less in the nape and you can show your magic as a barber.

You can round it you can square it but it’s fine either way did you go number eight we got the mohawk with the beard and this popular and the barbershops all around the world it’s kind of like one of my favourites but I want to freak Philly-style one day I mean if you want this popular style it’s real easy to do grow your hair out buzz the sides.

So in the 9th photo, we got the burst to feed my favourite birds fade it’s the skin burst for you when you start low above the air then you just move up to a one to one and a half to a two and make it pop the first thing can be added to any men’s hair style short or long you can turn into a frog pet the sides people it’ll be on top if you like the bird’s feet check out the James’ heart and make me look like I’m gonna bring my boy Austin now we won’t hop right into this burst fee.

How are you man very good thank you thanks a lot so you seem like a pretty cool guy Austin what type of styles are you rocking these days I’m like a, yeah the brother look cool universal coolest ride trying to get my beer like you man hearing this cut right here and we’ll go with my engines to proceed from there first up for you I got a date tomorrow night brother this is right on time oh you do yes indeed oh she’s gonna say Austin who cuts your hair Austin what style do you only wear it in the background square faded.

I usually do square in the bag perfect this is different from the high flattop because it’s messy do you think the racket is better than this punch yes the racket is about the sanitary reasons oh I believe it’s a sponge or which bacteria yeah so what you think man this is really clean one of the cleanest lines I’ve ever had appreciate you yeah thanks so much thank you and enjoy your out of the will number 10.

The feather fee is more common in barbershops down these four gentlemen and women and just want a free-flowing feed and this one is pretty nice this cut also is easy maintenance so now we’re going to talk about some different hair textures some barbers are hairstylists with me actually what is your natural hair texture and number one.

We got mo ver straight here then if you want to drop all the way down to 4c we got a more kinky texture today if you want to go between 3a and 4a I’m a pure texture as a professional barber you supposed to have adjustable Clippers so that your Clippers can move between these different textures working with different ethnic groups to get that perfect style.

So the love of fade will be the Elvis Presley I never did this cut before but I really want to try it so if anybody wanted they can come on down to my shop so in this last but not least picture I got the hot top favourite my friend Brendan so Brendan what would you as this faded like a skinny fat I’ll get have skin Hoffy yeah yeah do you know kitty play oh yeah yeah I get that all the time so that’s the look that we’re going here is not mid-nineties.

This sir oh you got a nice canvas to work okay I desperately need it to mass right well over a month will you come to the right place hey so to achieve this style I want to need my outliers so glue 0 on the side so what I’m doing here you want a Hopfield I’ve cut of my first guidelines and make it a little short on the bottom I want to show you how to knock this guy long it’s cool got about the 50 mags with one guard on there so right down.

I’m knocking out most of the pork now I’m going in to clean my god Lana should take some adjustable Clippers don’t 0 turn them over y’all as far as they do you see a lot of high tops coming in these days, yeah stuff like that comes back yeah the hot top is coming back they throw the low top let me down are you like a low she didn’t come back mad.

I’m rocking this right for 5 years NASA us with my mentor can do this cut 15 minutes no that’s all you do [Music] all right Brandon you ready to see this cut to the asylum nobody yeah we’ll get that line, oh okay so this is a hardtop foot typically war bah kitten play and begat the king, my brother, how you gonna beat that girl yes

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