How do the heart and lungs work together?

Many of us do not know how do the heart and lungs work together.  Many of us have hundreds of things on our minds at any given moment. Striving to keep track of everything we have to do. But fortunately, there is one important thing we don’t have to worry about remembering: Is breathing. When you breathe in, you transfer oxygen to the body’s cells to keep them functioning And you purify your device from carbon dioxide Which results from this work.

In other words, breathing sustains the life of the body. So how do we perform this complex and critical task Without even thinking about it? The answer lies in the respiratory system of our bodies. Like any machine, it consists of specialized components, It requires a trigger to get started.

As for they work together(heart & Lungs) in the Cardiovascular system. We can say that the simple way this works is, the heart has an artery leaving it and going to the heart called the pulmonary artery. Blood that goes from the heart to the lungs will become oxygenated and also dump Carbon Dioxide.

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And it is oxygenated through the process of diffusion at the alveoli of the lungs, these small thing bubbled structures are thin enough for oxygen and CO2 to pass through, because of how diffusion works, oxygen in the lungs will move to the blood as there isn’t much there, and CO2 in the blood will move to the lungs since there isn’t much there.

After that, the blood will return oxygenated to the heart in veins called Pulmonary veins. Then the blood will be pumped out into the body through arteries to drop off oxygen and pick up CO2, also through diffusion. Then the blood will return to the heart in veins and be pumped back into the lungs through the pulmonary artery to continue to cycle.

Note: arteries are blood vessels moving blood away from the heart, and veins are blood vessels moving blood towards the heart.

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